Today Roku has announced a new device for its family of streaming equipment, and fortunately this launch also includes Mexico within its first batch of countries in which it will be available. But the best of all is that it is not an additional streaming device to the already complete family of devices in the country, rather it is the first soundbar with integrated Roku that arrives in Mexico, and which is postulated as the ideal gadget for all those who want great sound and image quality, all for an affordable price.

Mark Ely, Vice President of Product Strategy for Roku, mentioned that it is becoming more common to see thinner televisions, reducing the space available for built-in speakers and resulting in less impressive sound. And that is where Roku has wanted to make a good blow, because for the moment none of its competitors has dared to launch a product that combines audio and video, so it is often necessary to buy a streaming device and a sound bar separate if we want to complement the audio experience.

The Roku Streambar stands out for a fairly compact size, a minimalist design and a large number of compatible technologies that make it even more attractive. Inside we have four 1.9 ”full-range speaker drivers, with which Roku promises to fill an entire room and also deliver clear, high-quality sound thanks to its incorporation of Dolby Audio technology.

Smarter than any other soundbar

Among the most outstanding functions of the Roku Streambar is being able to adjust the volume intelligently, something that according to the company will help reduce the sound level of loud commercials, so we will not have to worry about lowering the volume when we see a content and suddenly between a commercial.

Another smart function of this sound bar is to be able to increase the clarity of the dialogues, so we can always perfectly hear the voice of the characters in a movie or series regardless of the music or ambient sounds of this content.

Roku has also added Bluetooth connectivity to connect any device wirelessly and listen to music without problem, it is also compatible with Spotify Connect To use the soundbar only as a loudspeaker when listening to music, it supports Alexa, Google Assistant y Siri, something that is very difficult to see in non-Apple products.

Siri support will come with AirPlay 2 support, which will be available later this year for this and other company products.

In terms of image quality we have support for 4K and HDR, so we are talking about a very complete device in audio and video.

And last but not least, we have the control, which is bluetooh and includes a built-in microphone to control the streambar with our voice.

What is its price?

The Roku Streambar will be available online and in major stores in Mexico in late October for $3,999 MXN, and will also be released in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

We will test the new Streambar to tell you about our experience in both the video and audio sections, so we invite you to be aware of the site, social networks and YouTube channel.