The tennis qualities of Roger Federer are beyond question. Although his physical problems have made him sacrifice the 2020 season, there is hope that he will return in full condition in 2021. Meanwhile, he dedicates his days to advertising work … and that is where he shows that not everything is good for him.

In the last commercial he has starred in, he has been committed to singing a cappella one of the best known songs of a mythical group like the Beatles. The subject is ‘With a little help from my friends’, and the ex-number 1 gives him courage and dares to sing it without help.

However, to strengthen the idea of ​​the spot and the lyrics of the song itself, which he later covered and transformed Joe Cocker, little by little more people are joining him. That makes Federer go from being alone and somewhat embarrassed to accompanied and more animated, to the point that he dares to dance.

Possibly when John Lennon y Paul McCartney wrote this song, originally sung by Ringo Starr, for ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ‘didn’t expect such a version, and neither did any Federer fan.