Rodrigo Faro’s house impresses famous people. See photos of the island, 2 pools and more!

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Rodrigo Faro showed more details of the house on Tuesday (29). The presenter took a picture in front of the mansion in São Paulo, leaving the door of the place in evidence, which resembles the 3-story item by singer Simone. “After recording all day, the Japanese party started … Already to bed !!!”, joked the owner of the program “Hora do Faro” in an Instagram post. The opening detail drew attention for its size, rated as “giant” by Internet users, and stirred social networks.

Rodrigo Faro’s home door impresses famous people. Check out!

The photo of Rodrigo Faro’s house caught the attention of famous people like Xande Avião, Rafa Brites, Rogério Morgado and much more. “Your door is the size of my apartment or maybe bigger!”, Joked Diego Campagnolli and Fernanda Colombo continued: “If this door existed at the time of the Titanic, everyone would be safe to tell a story (laughs)”. The artists even mocked the size of the door. “I wouldn’t go through that tiny door (laughs)”, pointed Ary Fontoura and Andre Marinho pointed out: “I found the door a little small”.

Pool, island, waterfall and more: find out details of Rodrigo Faro’s house

It is not the first time that Rodrigo Faro’s home impresses internet users and celebrities on social networks. The place, for example, has a heated swimming pool in a relaxation space within the building. Already outside the mansion, the presenter has a swimming pool that mimics an artificial lake with a waterfall, an island in the center and panoramic glass to observe the heirs during the games. The outdoor area has a support network in the water and sun loungers. To top it off, the artist planned a garden on the side of the wall with plants and a waterfall that connected to the pool. In addition, he made a deck with a space for relaxation in the middle of the place.

Rodrigo Faro’s house has a closet, spacious bedroom and several floors

Rodrigo Faro’s house also doesn’t lack comfort and sophistication inside. The presenter built a large room with 4-seater sofas, benches, designer armchair and 2 coffee tables. The room has access to a glass wall overlooking plants and a green area outside the mansion. In addition, the space has more than 3 floors with the private closet of the artist. To top it off, the rooms have small balconies overlooking the garden. In addition, the decor on the outside is white with black metals contrasting with the wooden furniture and shades of black on the inside.

(Por Ana Clara Xavier)


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