Rodolfo D’Onofrio explained why River did not play against Atlético Tucumán and now asks for the return of football

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“If we comply, we can have a more normal life,” said the president of the Núñez club.

Rodolfo D’Onofrio joined the voices demanding the return of official football. The leader made a journey from the suspension, when River did not want to face Atlético Tucumán for the ill-fated Super League Cup despite the fact that there was still no decision in that sense from the National Government, until the current situation.

“(Pedro) Hansing (River’s doctor) told me about Covid and I didn’t understand anything. There was a Colombian team that had faced River in the Sub-20 Cup, with positives, and then the club had to be closed, because of the school, the University, for the 3,000 people who come to do sports. We played against Atlético Tucumán, Marcelo (Gallardo) thought the same as me. Later we saw that that boy (Sosa) did not have Covid, but we could not go back. Today they can say that there is more infections and deaths, but we all know that we must take precautions and if we comply we can have a more normal life than that of this stage. I believe that football, if the Minister of Health sees it, with the Libertadores test, it is already for the friendlies, and so that after Bolivia-Argentina the championship begins, with prevention measures. We have recommendations and River strictly complies with them. But there may be contagions, It happened to us with Casco “, warned the leader in Closs Continental.

For now, the AFA this Monday announced that friendly matches are enabled from Thursday. There is still no official date for the return of soccer, but the Playoff dates are October 8 and 13. That’s when D’Onofrio wants to return.

“I am still in quarantine in Buenos Aires, strictly complying with isolation. I do not travel with the team to Brazil or Peru. The pandemic has disrupted everything: the economies of the countries, the personal ones, those of the clubs. It generated a change so big that I never really imagined. In February or March you would see the biggest deserted cities and say ‘this is science fiction’, and science fiction came to us, “added D’Onofrio.

“Some clubs reached the pandemic very well, with commitments that were fulfilled in the normal course. In River, 40% of the income is the season tickets. During this year we were surprised and we have not sold. There is 40% less income there. Since the President of the Republic told us about isolation, we talked with Marcelo that some player could leave. At that time, footballers had another value. Everything changed. Before, it was solved with the sale of a player. We never thought that we were going to find this situation that was going to aggravate everything, “said Rodolfo.

“This also happens with companies, there is a point at which we have to start working. I am not saying this for River, Racing, Boca, Tigre. I say this for everyone. The clubs have assets that are the players, and the footballers are they want to show themselves to go and play on the other side of the world. Who is going to buy a player who has been in an apartment for 180 days? “, D’Onofrio explained, in another argument demanding the return of football.

“Nobody is wasting. Four months ago there could be companies that could not pay and the payment chain would be cut. That happened. In Europe there were no large transfers, only some operations. All world football has felt this effect. In River there is the project by which young people join the first team. Not only Álvarez. There are Ferreyra, Sosa, unfortunately Rollheiser was injured. We have a group of players who are joining, “said D’Onofrio.

In addition, regarding the possibility of exits in River, as was mentioned about Montiel and Martínez Quarta, he asserted: “What I am never going to do is retain a player when he is about to take a step forward. I think Martínez Quarta will have seen, in The last time, they have achieved a belonging that they all feel part of. These guys want to make a difference to have a better life in time. So, how do we do? Today, for someone, who earned $ 600,000, with the dollar blue how much is it? “.

He also argued about the departure of Juan Fernando Quintero. “He spoke with Marcelo, he told him that he wanted to take a step to the other side because he privileged an enormous economic difference that a Chinese club can give him. I personally have enormous recognition with him. I told him before the game in Madrid, ‘you’re going to come in and you’re going to score the winning goal. ” This happened. When the second half started I told Florentino Pérez, the president of Madrid, and we were losing, that ‘there is someone who can come in and revolutionize everything’. I have absolute recognition. He could have chosen to go to a place in Europe, he chose China but with an economic difference that is justified, “he added.

He also touched on the subject of changes in the Monumental. “We are remodeling the playing field, a work of more than 177 million pesos, to be paid within budget, to finish it in February, but in the different months. We are going to have the best playing field in South AmericaAt the level of the most important Europeans, like Moscow in the World Cup in Russia, it is the same company, the same technology. It is shocking. It was a very difficult work to do later, because in this we had to take advantage of the pandemic. He’s going to have the playing field that Marcelo wants, “he said.

“River’s playing field is a work that has a very important reason: problems with the aeration of the soil, obsolete drains. You put yourself on the level of the playing field and the middle of the field was 60 centimeters higher. Everything it was solved with sand, good grass, but they were patches. In 78 they did a work, which was old. They took out the pipes that allowed to drain the playing field, which had perforations, “he argued.


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