Rodolfo D’Onofrio, between the continuity of Marcelo Gallardo in River and a funny anecdote of the negotiation with the Chinese by Juanfer Quintero

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The president wants the coach to continue after his term in office and told how the finances of Núñez’s club are.

Rodolfo D’Onofrio will cease to be president of River in December 2021. At that time, he will serve his second term and will no longer be able to stand in the elections that are held. Marcelo Gallardo’s bond as a coach will also end at that time. But unlike D’Onofrio, the Doll yes you can continue. If he proposes it, of course.

“I see Gallardo very involved in the project. Every year we live it knowing that regardless of River wanting him to stay, he has the possibility of saying ‘this is where I came’. I hope this never happens and not only stay until I go, but last“said D’Onofrio in an interview with TyC Sports.

In this way, D’Onofrio confirmed a situation that Clarion announced four months ago: the possibility of Gallardo continuing in River after 2021. It is something that not only the club’s leaders think but also the Doll he raises it.

It was no accident that the president mentioned the word “project.” It is the one that Gallardo has been developing for some time and that not only covers the First Division but also the Reserve and the Lower and Children’s Divisions of the club, framed in the Children’s and Youth area.

“After the friendly with San Lorenzo (on Saturday, at the Ezeiza property), Tinelli told me that he was amazed because, even though River did not play with the first team, they all played the same. I told him if I was going to see the Sixth or the Seventh, would perceive the same. River is a school. It is something that the coaching staff has achieved, the people who work with Marcelo (Gallardo) and Enzo (Francescoli) “, D’Onofrio valued, giving as an example that dialogue he had with the president of San Lorenzo.

At the same time, D’Onofrio stressed that River is also preparing to support Gallardo, modifying his playing field so that it is at the football level that the coach proclaims.

“How many times have you heard Marcelo with good reason say that the deployment of River was not what he deserved? Well, we are doing it: in February or March it will be finished and we will have one of the best playing fields in the world and without a doubt of Latin America. And so will the Argentine national team that is going to debut (in the Copa América) in this stadium with a different playing field, “said the president of River.

With the sales of Lucas Martínez Quarta and Juan Fernando Quintero, River will receive almost $ 20 million clean, an important number to oxygenate the treasury in these times.

“River is financially well and is fulfilling all its commitments. What happens to him, like other clubs, is that 40 percent of income has fallen. Television for River is nothing: it is 4 percent of income. Others are desperate for TV, but nothing moves us. River will continue to be well, “said Rodolfo D’Onofrio.

With Martínez Quarta resolved, the novel by Juanfer Quintero, which began on August 22, remains to be completed. Although it is estimated that the Colombian will be the new reinforcement of Shenzhen Kaisa, as the Chinese transfer market has already closed, he will not be able to play officially until 2021, when a new window opens.

“Quintero at this moment is in Colombia finishing the procedures to receive the work visa from China this Friday. After that he will travel to undergo a medical examination and sign his contract. We have everything agreed with the Chinese. meet your deadlines, “said D’Onofrio.

The president of River also explained why the negotiations took so long and were untidy, as Gallardo publicly admitted. “Quintero had told Gallardo that he had an offer from China. That player who wants to come to River is because he feels the commitment and he saw that his future was different, the offer from China was tremendous,” he said.

And he added: “Negotiating with a Chinese club or company is very different from what one can do with any other. One day you are talking and a Chinese named Juan appears to you, the next day one named Pedro and he doesn’t know what Juan said. It is a whole strategy that they have and are using. You learn from this. “

On the other hand, D’Onofrio also stated that the renewals of the contracts of Gonzalo Montiel, Nicolás De La Cruz and Rafael Borré, which expire next year, are advanced. And he also left the fans calm with the situation of Nacho Fernandez. “No offer came in for him,” he said.


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