Roberto Soldado has returned to the battle against the authorities after one of the measures that the Government will include in the State’s general budgets. Specifically, in what concerns the tax hike for the highest incomes.

The Granada striker charged on Twitter mainly against Pablo Iglesias, first vice president, but with a message also for the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez. “This is a machine! And the one next door …. Who gives more ?? Keep the party going“he wrote indignantly on social media.

Soldier is a regular of controversies on Twitter, where he has engaged on more than one occasion with a user for his criticism of the government. A position that has earned him various criticisms and messages after his positive for coronavirus.

This case was not going to be less, where several tweets have also reached him for his “unsupportive” position. “Like everyone, a lot of flag but when it’s time to contribute to your country no longer”. For now, the Valencian has not responded, but it only seems a matter of time before the forward returns to lavish on the social network.