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In 2020, Robert Kubica arrives at the Formula 1 stages as a backup driver for Alfa Romeo and spent a season in the DTM Touring Car Championship. The Polish edition Przeglad Sportowy writes that in 2021 Robert will return to the World Rally Championship on a permanent basis. The driver’s sponsors from the oil company Orlen are in talks with Hyundai, and the parties are close to signing a contract.

Robert is in no hurry to confirm his return to the rally, but he does not deny that in the near future he will decide on his plans for the future: “I have great respect for the rally. To succeed in this category, you need to do everything right. I perfectly understand how much energy and strength is required.

The coming weeks are very important for me in the context of future plans and what I want to do in the future. I have priorities, but let’s see which option is possible. When we find out, then I will make a decision. “



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