Robert Geiss’s brother demands 250,000 euros from him

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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Michael Wendler is supposed to pay 250,000 euros to Michael Geiss +++ Alexander Hindersmann – his ex is now unpacking about the relationship.

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October 19th

Michael Wendler: Robert Geiss’s brother demands 250,000 euros from him

After Michael Wendler, 48, resigned from the DSDS jury with questionable reasons, his career is going downhill. Not only do most of his advertising partners want nothing more to do with him, they are demanding large sums of money back. If you believe his manager Markus Krampe, more than 15 lawyers would have wanted to terminate all existing contracts with the artist with immediate effect. Now Michael Geiss, 54, brother of jet set millionaire Robert Geiss, 56, speaks up.

The brothers founded the label “Uncle Sam” together, which they sold again in 1995. In 2004, Michael Geiss took the company back and signed Wendler as an advertising face when his commitment to DSDS became known. But now the entrepreneur no longer wants to be associated with the pop star.

“I saw Wendler’s video and then the thing was done for me. His involvement with DSDS was our contractual basis. I didn’t really care who was sitting next to Dieter Bohlen, I was just interested in an effective positioning of my brand “, Geiss told” Bild “. Since this is no longer the case, he has announced the termination of the contract and is now demanding 250,000 euros back. He further explains: “So far there has been no reaction from Wendler. I am really disappointed.”

Alexander Hindersmann: Ex Wio is now unpacking about the relationship

Both came from the “Bachelor” cosmos and were considered a dream couple in the summer: Alexander Hindersmann, 32, former “Bachelorette” winner and Wioleta Psiuk, 28, “Bachelor” participant announced their relationship in June 2020. But after a short time the model from Münster broke up again. In an interview with RTL, the 28-year-old now tells how much she should have suffered from the influencer.

“At the beginning of our relationship, I got to know him exactly as he gave himself, exactly as he tells it – and everything was really really nice. I was super, super happy,” says Wio on “Explosiv Weekend”. But she was wrong about Alex, because he was supposed to have been jealous and wanted to control her. “If you have someone who always criticizes you, puts you under pressure and gives you the feeling that you are never good enough, then you should break away from it,” explains the model of the separation.

After an initial breakdown, Hindersmann is now calm on Instagram. After the broadcast he shared a portrait of himself and wrote: “I am now at an age where I no longer have time for people who understand nothing about honesty and loyalty. First it hurts, then it changes you … “Seems like the war of the roses has not yet come to an end.

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