Robert Downey Jr. pensa a uno Sherlock-verse

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Robert Downey Jr., author and producer of two Sherlock Holmes films, also has something in mind for the third film and a series of related spin-offs.

If you are like us fans of the two Sherlock Holmes films with Robert Downey Jr. directed by Guy Ritchie, after the two already made in 2009 and 2011, you will surely know that a third is in preparation and that the actor and producer, given the character’s enduring popularity, can’t wait to take on the role once again. Not only that, but he also has in mind an expansion of the universe created by Conan Doyle into other shapes and dimensions.

Speaking at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Downey Jr, with his partner Susan Downey, talked about his ideas for possible spin-offs:

“At this point, we think there isn’t yet another mystery-verse, and Conan Doyle for me is the definitive voice in that field. For me the point of making a third film is in being able to expand it, with gems of true diversity, to other eras and with different elements “.

Susan Downey added: “I think the ten years of experience and observation we both had with Marvel, seeing them build and seeing all the possibilities, was invaluable, like a master class.”

The idea ofexpansion of the Sherlock universe, similar to what Marvel did, it also means bringing it to TV and streaming services, not necessarily just to the cinema. At the moment he is still tied to the direction of the third film Dexter Fletcher, and the release date is still set for December 2021, although subject to possible movements, given the difficult times. The idea of ​​a Sherlock-verse seems very interesting to us, what do you think?



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