Robbie Williams released a Christmas song with allusions to the coronavirus

It’s called “Can’t Stop Christmas” and, among other things, it mentions gel alcohol, chinstraps and distance.

English singer Robbie Williams launched Can’t Stop Christmas, a Christmas song full of allusions to the social distancing forced by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Santa is in his sleigh, but now he is six feet away”, is one of the phrases of the topic. In other passages he also mentions Zoom contacts, alcohol gel and chinstraps, as part of the particular situations that were experienced this year marked by new social rules.

“Oh what a miserable year,” he advances, “it seemed like we were at war.”

Can’t Stop Christmas is a preview of The Christmas Present, the disk that the interpreter will launch to music the end of the year parties.

The plaque will contain some holiday classics and collaborations with Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, Jamie Cullum Y Tyson Fury, among others.

The quarantine was not easy for Williams, who had to cancel all the concerts that he had planned for this 2020.

In late March, after returning to the United States from Australia, he isolated himself for three weeks and did not see his wife or children.

The singer is married to American actress Ayda Field and they are the parents of Theodora, Charlton, Colette and Beau.

At the time of the reunion with her father, Ayda recorded a video, uploaded it to Instagram and wrote: “After three weeks… Reunited!”.

Then she continued, “I’m so happy to have daddy home after separate quarantines.” Robbie also used Instagram to point out: “I am with my family, a lot of love for everyone,” he said. “Stay safe. Wash your hands. Be nice, ”he added.

Now, it is said, just released the theme Can’t Stop Christmas. And it occurs shortly after a man claimed that he was kidnapped along with Williams “by a group of aliens.”

Russ Kellett, 57, said he met the singer on a spaceship after he was abducted outside Bradford, England, he told Daily Star.

Kellett recounted: “I was on my motorcycle at a place called Druid’s Altar and I went through a tunnel. Then they put something down my throat and injected a substance into the back of my neck. “

He added: “I was in a panic. They took me to a different room and gave me a uniform and weapons. And they made me stand in line. Obviously I was thinking: ‘Where the hell am I?’. I looked around and there was someone waiting behind me. I looked at this young man and recognized him. Era Robbie Williams“.

In the same vein, Kellett deepened: “I didn’t see him again after that, but I’m sure it was Robbie Williams. We only spoke briefly, but yes, it was definitely him.”

Russ has no doubt that he and Robbie were held by aliens during their meeting in West Yorkshire in 1999.


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