Road Tourism: Valentín Aguirre won in San Nicolás and is the new leader of the championship

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The reef took the second test of the weekend from end to end, on his Dodge.

The reef Valentin Aguirre, with Dodge, won this Sunday from end to end his third final in Road Tourism, within the framework of the fourth round of the championship, which took place at the San Nicolás racetrack, no audience and with extreme sanitary measures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Aguirre, who reached the top of the championship, surpassed his compatriot Agustín Canapino (Chevrolet), Juan Cruz Benvenuti (Torino) from Neuquén, Gastón Mazzacane (Chevrolet) and Mariano Werner (Ford) from Entre Ríos, after 20 laps of the 3,959 meter track.

The top ten were completed by Julián Santero (Ford) from Mendoza, Facundo Ardusso (Torino) from Santa Fe, Nicolás Trosset (Dodge), Juan De Benedictis (Ford) from Necoche, and Christian Ledesma from Mar del Plata.

Without the multitudinous framework that the TC is used to presenting, the final had a development without too many variations, since Aguirre took advantage of his Dodge, which was very solid the weekend.

The great comeback of the Entre Ríos Werner was meritorious, who started in twelfth position and finished fifth, while Saturday’s winner, Nicolás Trosset from Reef, did not have the same performance in his Dodge.

The sevenfold monarch, Guillermo Ortelli (Chevrolet), finished fifteenth, and continues without raising his head. Since 2016 he has not won a TC final. And the yields of the “goats“from Mar del Plata Ledesma, tenth, and runner-up, José Manuel Urcera, from Rio Negro, eleventh.

The TC championship positions, developed four races, now have a new leader, the Reef Valentin Aguirre (Dodge), with 152.5 points.

They are followed by Juan Cruz Benvenuti from Neuquén (Torino), with 149.5; Santa Fe Facundo Ardusso (Torino), with 131.5; the reef Nicolás Trosset (Dodge), with 124; and José Manuel Urcera (Chevrolet) from Rio Negro, with 123.5.

The fifth date of the championship will be held on October 4, at the Oscar y Juan Gálvez racetrack in Buenos Aires.

With information from Télam


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