River sells Lucas Martínez Quarta to Italy and is the most important pass of this market in Argentina

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The operation with Fiorentina will be carried out for an amount close to 13 million euros. The central defender, who is also a member of the National Team squad, will travel after the double round of the Qualifiers.

Lucas Martínez Quarta is going to Fiorentina, the same club where Daniel Passarella and Germán Pezzella triumphed (he is still there), other central markers who left their mark on River. After the obstacles that had arisen on Saturday, this Sunday the path was cleared and the defender will be a player for the Italian club, which agreed to undergo a medical examination in Argentina. The sale will be made for almost 13 million euros, which makes it the most relevant transfer of the current transfer market in Argentine soccer.

In order for the operation to fall apart, the River leaders managed to convince the Fiorentina managers that the player underwent a medical examination in Argentina. Otherwise, the transfer would have fallen because they did not give the time for it to take place in Italy, where the pass book closes this Monday. The defender also has to join the training sessions with the National Team (he will play on Thursday against Ecuador and on Tuesday the 13th against Bolivia) for the upcoming double round of Qualifying. He will travel to Italy after those two commitments.

The condition that Fiorentina put was that Martínez Quarta did not have the studies done in medical establishments or with doctors linked to River. That is why the Chino went to the Medical Institute of High Technology (IMAT) and the reports will be Daniel Martinez, the doctor of the Selection. From the Rossi clinic, the place where River footballers usually go, they sent Martínez the cardiovascular studies that the defender did there this year.

In this way, between the clubs the differences that had arisen in the last hours were cleared up, after an economic agreement was reached previously. After having rejected two offers, River accepted the last one, when Fiorentina raised the offer to almost 13 million euros and improved the form of payment, which will be part in cash and the other to be paid for objectives within a year. First, the Florence club will disburse 6 million euros, and the remaining millions of the same currency will be paid during the next twelve months according to the number of games that Martínez Quarta plays.

These amounts are gross, so you have to deduct taxes and 15% of the pass, which corresponds to Kimberley from Mar del Plata, the club in which Martínez Quarta was formed: although he was born in the Federal Capital, when he was a boy his family moved to the aforementioned seaside resort. So, River would have more than 8 million euros clean, which is equivalent to 9.5 million dollars.

The figure will surely be up for discussion. There will be those who will think that the amount is low, given the quality of Martínez Quarta and that the transfer is made by almost half of the player’s release clause, valued at 22 million euros. Others will argue that “the players are worth what the clubs pay” and that making a sale of this magnitude in the context of a pandemic is beneficial from an economic point of view. What is unobjectionable is that for the current situation of the Argentine market, squalid in sales, it is an important transfer. It is clear: he is a National Team player who is going to European football.

Martínez Quarta felt for some time that this was the moment to make the jump to the big leagues, beyond the fact that in River he was well, he was making good money and his good performances led him to the Argentine National Team. And he did his best to make it happen. From the notes he gave to the Spanish and Italian media during the stoppage, to a return with a very outstanding football level, which led him to be one of the best River players in the three games (two against Saint Paul and one against Binational) that Marcelo Gallardo’s team played after the resumption of the Copa Libertadores.

At age 24, the Chino will then go to play in Italy, in a league that is increasingly moving away from the Catenaccio from other times, giving way to a more modern football, with quality defenders who come out playing from the bottom as Martínez Quarta usually does. In Fiorentina he will have a history of ex-River on his back. That of Pezzella (for now he remains in the squad but could be transferred), captain of the team, and further back that of Daniel Passarella, nothing less. The Kaiser shone with all his light in the Fiore, where he played between 1982 and 1986 before moving to Inter.

Martínez Quarta leaves great memories in River, where he won six titles (a Copa Libertadores, a Recopa Sudamericana, three Copa Argentina and a Super Cup Argentina). He made his place after responding to an important litmus test: not a month had passed since his debut in the Primera (a 0-1 against Newell’s, on November 20, 2016, for the local tournament) when he had to be starter (he played at a good level) in the final of the Copa Argentina 2016, that the team of Doll He beat Rosario Central 4-3 in Córdoba. He had ugly moments too, such as when he was suspended for six months (along with Camilo Mayada) for having tested positive for an anti-doping test in a match in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2017.

He returned and gradually regained his level. And after the departure of Jonatan Maidana, since the beginning of 2019 he was River’s “2”. He was already settled in the team, making a pair with Javier Pinola and facing the round of 16, Gallardo will have an important gap, who will try to fill it either with the Paraguayan Robert Rojas or with the Chilean Paulo Díaz, who will compete for the place that leave the “Chino”.

Martínez Quarta also played with the fan’s passion in his body. River fanatic, like all his family, he had the permanent encouragement of his family, especially Bautista, his eldest son (he also has Mia, a year and a half), barely three years old. drinking He is perhaps the most fanatic boy of River. He became famous for the videos that his mother uploads to social networks in which the baby always appears dressed in the red band and trying to sing a song from the tribune.

drinking He will look at River games from a distance and will not find his father, who will have to tell him that they will go to live in Italy and that he will go out to the court dressed in violet.



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