River pays debts and orders its economy with the millionaire sales of Lucas Martínez Quarta and Juan Fernando Quintero

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The club will receive $ 20 million for those footballers and there is 3.5 million more it has yet to collect. He had recently requested a loan of 500 million pesos from three banks.

With the sales of Lucas Martínez Quarta and Juan Fernando Quintero, River you can order your economy. Between the defender’s transfer to Italy’s Fiorentina and that of the attacking midfielder to Shenzhen from China, will join the club $ 20 million clean. In this way, the institution of Núñez will catch up with the pass debts of some players that was refinancing during the pandemic.

River will receive the money for Martínez Quarta within a year. Quintero’s is expected as well, beyond the ups and downs of the negotiations with the Chinese club, which have not yet reached their final point, since the transfer papers have not yet been signed.

Anyway, in Núñez they are optimistic that there will be no problems and that once the Colombian travels to have a medical check-up (he would do it between this week and the next), the operation will end.

With those 20 million dollars, River will be complying with the unpaid fees of several footballers on its team. And he will have money left over, which could well be used to catch up with the staff and the coaching staff, whose salaries were capped at 250,000 pesos during the pandemic and are being refinanced.

Although to meet these obligations and other operating expenses of the club, a month ago they requested a loan of 500 million pesos from three different banks: Supervielle, CMF and Banco de San Juan.

The debts that River still maintains for passes are for these players: Jorge Carrascal ($ 3.5 million to Karpaty Lviv of Ukraine), Paulo Díaz (2 million dollars to Al-Ahli from Saudi Arabia), Quintero (1.5 million dollars to Porto from Portugal), Fabrizio Angileri (1.4 million dollars to Godoy Cruz), Nicolás De La Cruz (1 million dollars to Liverpool of Uruguay), Lucas Pratto (530 thousand dollars to San Pablo for interest on quotas that were established from the claim of the Brazilian club in FIFA for accumulated debt) and Matías Suárez (470 thousand dollars to Belgrano de Córdoba).

The sum gives $ 9.4 million. Therefore, with the money from the sales of Martínez Quarta and Quintero River, not only will River be able to catch up, but it will also have half the dollars that come in to spare.

But there is more: the account is enlarged by adding the 3 million dollars that Núñez’s institution has to pocket thanks to debts collected or transfers with soccer players from outside the campus directed by Marcelo Gallardo.

The most important was for 35 percent of Facundo Medina, which went from Talleres to Racing de Lens and left a million dollars. In turn, Defensa y Justicia made use of the purchase option for half of David Martínez’s file (900 thousand dollars) and another 270 thousand dollars correspond to the sale of Gonzalo ‘Pity’ Martínez from Atlanta United to Al-Nasr . Valencia Mestalla (subsidiary of Valencia) will pay 260 thousand dollars for the training rights of Kevin Sibille -arrived free- and another $ 194,500 will arrive for the signing of Giuliano Simeone at Atlético de Madrid.

River also had to receive 750 thousand dollars from Independiente for the pass of Alexander Barboza, but they will deduct 50 thousand for each game that the team plays at the Libertadores de América home while it reforms the Monumental lawn, which will not be available until February at least.

All of those lower revenues add up to about $ 3.5 million. By adding this money with the 20 million dollars for Martínez Quarta and Quintero, River will receive 23.5 million. An important sum, which will allow the institution of Núñez to order its economy.



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