River: Marcelo Gallardo chose only 29 players for the Copa Libertadores and Juanfer Quintero’s “10” was vacant

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The coach chose not to use the chance to have 40 places for footballers, because he did not want to include too many youth.

River will be the only Argentine team -and perhaps the only one of the 32 in the Copa Libertadores- to not make use of the extension from 30 to 40 places of players on the list in good faith that Conmebol enabled for this edition, for reasons of the pandemic.

And not only that: before the games of some players, Marcelo Gallardo will barely have 29 players, with the particularity that the “10” shirt that belonged to Juan Fernando Quintero will be vacant. And in their ranks will be an old acquaintance: Jorge Moreira.

Regarding the roster that River had submitted prior to the start of the competition, three of the modifications that appear in the original squad have to do with players who are no longer part of the squad (Scocco, Enzo Fernández and Franco Paredes), while the fourth appears in the absence of Ezequiel Centurión, isolated due to Covid-19.

Quintero’s vacancy was not filled by any footballer. In Núñez They decided not to include the Reserve youths who trained since the beginning of this week.

In replacement of the juvenile Fernández and Paredes, who went on loan to Defensa y Justicia, Gallardo decided to include Moreira, whoWhoever returned from his loan from the Portland Timbers and before the suspension of Quintero’s contract he kept that foreign quota.

The coach also took into account Augusto Aguirre (21 years old), one of the defenders of the Reserve who was training with the First and to whom an important future is predicted.

As the fourth goalkeeper appears Franco Petroli, who had been training with the squad in the absence of Centurion, affected by the coronavirus. And Scocco’s departure to Newell’s opened the chance for Benjamin Rollheiser, who has been recovering from a knee operation and still works differently.

Juanfer’s “10” will not have an owner in the Cup. The Colombian, who is in Miami and has not yet resolved his transfer to Shenzhen in China, has already been discharged and thus his quota fell to Moreira.

With 29 “soldiers” available, the River de Gallardo is preparing to face the resumption of the Libertadores assuming certain risks, since on that list – limited by the way – there are four archers and Rollheiser and Pratto are injured today.



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