River insists on being a local in Ezeiza and does not have a “plan B”, but on the way Huracán offered itself as an alternative

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The club wants the team to be local on their premises, but the AFA and the Professional Football League are reluctant to give authorization.

River insists on taking his home to Ezeiza. He wants his team to be local in the field where the players train every day, a sports field of excellence, thanks to the works that have been carried out in the last five years. However, the AFA and the Professional Football League they resist giving authorization. And they study the Huracán field as an alternative, where Núñez’s team was local several times throughout its history.

Anyway, River has already formalized his request to play in Ezeiza and for now he is not moving from there. “We don’t have plan B yet”, a senior leader of the Núñez club told Clarion.

What’s more: they sent illustrative images about how the main field of the property located on the side of the Ezeiza-Cañuelas highway would be set up, in case Marcelo Gallardo’s team played there.

The sides would be plotted with giant posters with the inscriptions of the sponsors. In this way, the cars that travel on the highway could not be seen and in the middle of the field, on the opposite side to the substitute benches, a structure of booths would be built to give comfort and security to the television transmission.

Meanwhile, the AFA and the LPF, chaired by Claudio Tapia and Marcelo Tinelli, respectively, remain tough. And they wield two reasons why they do not want to give River the go-ahead, both based on “product care.”

One reason is that if they give the authorization, other clubs could also ask to play on their premises and thus lower the costs involved in opening their fields without an audience. The other is linked to the sale of Argentine soccer abroad. In this sense, television is also a fundamental factor at the time of decision, because the image of the property does not seem the best way to show sponsors and sell the product to foreign capital.

In Núñez they find arguments to oppose: River is facing this situation because the Monumental is in works to reform the grass of the playing field and the Ezeiza property has a better image than several of the First stadiums.

In addition, the main court has the characteristics for a professional team to play. The measure is 105 meters long by 68 wide, has the substitute benches that are used in stadiums and has eight lighting towers with 1,500 lumen LED lights. And he has the grass in the ideal state for the coaching staff, at 18 inches.

Anyway, neither can the political question be ignored. In AFA they fly out of the fight with the press releases that River and Boca issued on Friday 16 in the afternoon, in which they affirmed that they were not consulted about the modifications with the television contracts, taking into account that “they are a fundamental part of the sports show ”. One thing should not be linked to the other. But it is an Argentine custom to mix all the themes if thread politics is about.

Meanwhile, Huracán offered its stadium for River to be a local there as so many times in its history. In fact, the Ducó is the stadium to which the most times (47) moved its home. And with success. In Amancio Alcorta and Luna, River won 26 games, drew 17 and lost only 4. And he was champion of the ’77 Metropolitano, when the Monumental was being refreshed for the ’78 World Cup.

The last time River was a local on the field of Globe It was four years ago, during the Gallardo cycle. The first weekend of November 2016, the Monumental was reserved for the Guns N ‘Roses recital and since the football calendar did not coincide for Núñez’s team to be visitors, he had to move. At the Ducó Palace he drew 1-1 with Estudiantes de La Plata.

If River plays in Huracán, there would be no problems on the schedule. According to the draw for the new Professional Soccer League Cup, when one is a local, the other is a visitor and vice versa. That did not happen with Independiente (where River is a local in Libertadores) or with Vélez, the other alternative that was mentioned. And since the idea of ​​Gallardo and company is to use a single stadium, the Ducó fits in that sense.

Hurricane would charge River less than 50 thousand dollars who pays to be a local in Independiente for the Copa Libertadores, the leadership of the Núñez club wants to avoid that money outflow. Meanwhile, in terms of the state of the playing field, in recent months they worked (they changed court a year ago) to fix the Ducó floor, which now looks much better than before and they also renovated the changing rooms, leaving them very modern.



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