Nudges, bottles and loads Police officers have been the protagonists in the last hours in the surroundings of the Casa Rosada, before the impatience of the crowd to enter give the last goodbye to Diego Armando Maradona. Dozens of fans began to form riots to enter the burning chapel as soon as possible, with the subsequent police response.

Some riots that occurred shortly after the doors of the Casa Rosada opened, where the burning chapel is located, around 6 in the morning, Argentine time. The containment fences ended up giving way to the jostling of the attendees and, after insults, yelling and crowding, the situation was controlled … for a few minutes.

As more people approached to say goodbye to Pelusa at the Casa Rosada, they returned to pick up the riots. The mass of people kept pulling down the fences and people tried to sneak into the burning chapel, which only generated more tension and more blows.

The police continued to charge against the most unruly, leaving several wounded, even with cuts to the head and, according to Infobae, some who attended the Plaza de Mayo assured that some type of deterrent gas.