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Rio de Janeiro he has February 2021 Carnival suspended Due to the coronavirus pandemic. The samba schools have made the decision to postpone their world famous parades, which will not be held for the first time since the beginning of the last century. “We came to the conclusion that the event should be postponed. We cannot do it in February”, explained to the press Jorge Castanheiras, president of the Independent League of Samba Schools (LIESA) that organizes the parades.

“By virtue of all this insecurity, of that instability in relation to science and of not knowing if in February we will have a vaccine or not, we came to the conclusion that the process has to be postponed,” said Castanheira.

The leader stressed that the schools “do not have the time or financial and organizational conditions to make the parades viable in February” and has not ruled out that the celebrations at the Marqués de Sapucai sambadrome will take place in June 2021, as a solution ” alternative “without having to” cancel “them definitively. He has also pointed out that in order not to “harm” the realization of the 2022 Carnival, due to preparation time and financial resources, the 2021 edition could be carried out in “another type of smaller format”.

Mass parades

He rio carnival it is a true nightmare for an epidemiologist during a pandemic. The event attracts millions of tourists every year, in addition to locals. Crowds dance through the streets and flock to the city’s iconic ‘Sambadrome’ to view or participate in massive parades. To which are added parties that last all night in closed places.

The city’s elite samba schools, which typically spend the whole year preparing their elaborate parades, had said in July that it would be difficult to organize the event for February 2021 if there was still uncertainty about a vaccine for the new coronavirus by the end of September.

“It’s a postponement”

“It is not a cancellation, it is a postponement. We are looking for an alternative solution, something we can do when it is safe to contribute to the city, but we are not sure enough to set a date,” he insisted Chestnut trees.

The LIESA announcement applies only to the competition of samba schools. City authorities have not yet announced whether the “blocos” will be allowed.

Alarming figures in Brazil

The news comes after days of speculation about what decision the authorities were going to make. Brazil is the country with the second highest number of dead in the pandemic after the United States, and is still struggling to control the virus. The country has registered 4.7 million infections and almost 140,000 deaths from covid-19.

And although the spread of the virus It has slowed somewhat from its record in July, numbers still alarmingly high in Brazil, averaging nearly 30,000 new cases and 735 new deaths a day over the past two weeks, according to figures from the Health Ministry.

Rio de Janeiro has been the second most affected state, after Sao Paulo, the country’s industrial center. With 18,000 people dead so far, if the state of Rio were a country, it would have the second highest death rate in the world from covid-19, with 104 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.



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