Talking about smart homes goes much further than just considering smart bulbs or plugs. Having a smart home includes security cameras, smart locks, voice-controlled thermostats, and of course, a smart doorbell, which may sound like something else within this great ecosystem, but in my case it has been one of the things in those who were most afraid of making a purchase that was not what they expected.

If we talk about brands focused on the smart home, it is impossible not to think about Ring, one of Amazon’s companies that is focused on cameras, doorbells and more smart home products, in fact, this year they also announced their first line of smart lights. Doorbells are probably the most popular of everything I mentioned, as they are famous for their ease of use along with their security features, which is why many people prefer to invest in a smart doorbell over a security camera.

It is true that Ring doorbells are not particularly cheap, which is why sometimes a user new to the smart home could be a little scared before investing up to 6 thousand pesos in one of the Ring doorbells. However, one of the products that caught my attention a few weeks ago was the new Ring Video Doorbell second generation or 2020, which is a redesigned version of the original Video Doorbell that was released several years ago.

The first thing that caught my attention was the price, since it is currently the cheapest Ring doorbell in Mexico, and It can be obtained for 2,999 pesosIn fact, during Prime Day I was able to get it for 2,499 MXN, an even more attractive price that may be repeated during this Good End or during the Christmas season.

The reason I decided to buy a smart doorbell once and for all is because this doorbell offered a good number of elements that are characteristic of the company’s products, its price is significantly lower than the newer model, and because it is also available in a Venetian Bronze color that is truly eye-catching.

What does and does not do the Ring Video Doorbell Second Generation?

The reason I have said from the beginning that this is the smart doorbell that I recommend to start with is because it offers everything you need to meet the needs of most people. First of all we have a wide-angle camera that is capable of recording HD video in 1080p and that also offers two-way audio, what does that mean? When someone knocks on your door you can talk to that person from your device and you can both listen and speak normally without having to go out to open the door.

If I go a little deeper into this topic, I must say that those users who have an Echo Show at home will be able to get much more out of the device because it can be linked with the second generation Ring Video Doorbell, so from the moment of If a person rings your doorbell, you can see on the screen of your Echo what is happening at your door, and you can talk to the person from the same device.

Another advantage you have with the Echo Show is that you can ask Alexa to show you your doorbell as many times as you want, and at that moment you can see the outside of your door live with the wide angle camera, which also offers night vision, so you can easily see everything that happens on your street even at night.

If you don’t have an Amazon Echo Show or some other Amazon device don’t worry, you can also do everything I mentioned and more from the Ring app which is available for free for Android and iOS. In fact, one of the things I like the most about the doorbell and that at the time I also liked about the Stick Up Cam when I had to review it is that you can configure a detection zone that notifies your smartphone when movement is detected or detected a person, so you can tell if someone is approaching the door even without the need for them to ring the bell.

Within the application are the modes, which you can configure a little to your liking so that the device does what you want. I must say that there are not as many configuration options as in security cameras, but at least you can set if you want motion detection to be activated or deactivated in a mode, or if you want live video to be activated for all users with access to the doorbell.

Where there are more customization options are with instant captures, motion detection and duration of video recording, in fact, my recommendation is that you pay special attention to each of the parameters and their adjustment because it will significantly influence the device autonomy, that is, if you activate the maximum sensitivity of motion detection, the faster the battery will drain, if you allow it to record longer, the faster the battery will drain, and obviously the more times you enter the faster live video will drain your battery.

With so many things to consider … how long does the battery last?

The battery of this device is rechargeable, but not removable, this means that to charge the doorbell you must remove it from the wall, it is not something complicated, but it will take you a few minutes to do so.

The autonomy depends entirely on the activity that your doorbell has, but if you live in a very narrow street like a walker (which is my case) you will constantly be receiving movement notifications, so you have two options; disable them, or get used to the idea that you will have to charge the device at least once every 2 weeks.

I estimate that the second generation Video Doorbell could last more than a month without having to charge it, although in my case I do it every two weeks due to the active time that the doorbell is active, sending movement alerts.

Regarding the charging time if I must say that it is somewhat extensive, because the doorbell takes approximately 8 hours to fully charge, although much will depend on the amount of battery you have before charging it, but Ring says that the doorbell can take up to 10 hours to charge. hours, so consider that you will be a good time without ringing.

The good news is that the brand also sells a base with solar cells that allow the battery to never run out, because while the sun is out it recharges the battery when necessary, so if you are concerned about autonomy or do not want to be taking it apart to charge it, pYou can buy the solar charger from this link.

Is it difficult to install?

No, the truth is that it is easy to install the doorbell, and something I really like is that the application guides you step by step to do it, in fact, if you missed the tutorial there is also an official video on YouTube that explains step by step step what you should do. Another important detail is that the box includes the screws you will need, 4 anchors, 1 drill bit and a leveler so you can see that the bell is straight.

The only thing that you will have to get on your own is the drill, but even if you do not have experience with repairs or installations of this type you will not have problems, because all you have to do are 4 holes in the wall where you are going to place the bell. and then use the tools as indicated in the tutorial.

And if you are wondering if anyone can come and steal the wire as easy as you installed it, don’t worry, because at the bottom there are two special screws that are tightened with the included screwdriver, so not just any screwdriver can remove those screws, but anyway if someone tries to steal it the alarm will notify you that they are in front of your door.

The little details that matter

To further address the topic of features, the 2nd Gen Video Doorbell has 3 things that I have loved. The first is that it is now possible to activate smart alarms so that it only notifies you when a person is detected, in this way other accidental movements will not bother you at any time of the day. The second is that you can share access to the device with other family members, in this way they can also receive alerts and attend to all those who knock on your door. And finally, the confidence of knowing that if for any reason your Ring device is stolen, it has a protection where the ring can be replaced in case this happens.

The Video Ring Doorbell also has Free 30 days of Ring Protect that allows your clips to be saved in the cloud and you can access them whenever you want. It is not a subscription necessary to use the device, but it gives a plus to the service because if the device is stolen you will be able to access the videos of the theft to file your complaint.

I think this is a great buy for those who want to try a smart doorbell but don’t want to spend a lot of money or are afraid of making a bad investment. In my case I can tell you that the Video Doorbell 2 has what it takes to offer security, comfort and ease of use at an attractive price.

In fact, they do not know how comfortable it is to be able to attend to the people who knock on the door from the cell phone lying on the bed or while working without having to go down stairs and have to walk to the entrance of the house to ask who it is and in the end discover that it was just a child who played and ran away or that they are some religious wanting to convince you to have a talk on Sunday morning.