Ricky Martin worries about the future of his children

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There are four of them, Matteo, Valentino, Lucia and Renn. The singer had them through surrogate pregnancies.

As he said several times, Ricky Martin is committed to being “the best dad in the world.” And that includes helping her four children achieve their dreams.

The singer, father of twins Matteo and Valentino, 12, Lucia, almost two, and Renn, 11 months, explained to Extra, American television program, that will help your children to follow their wishes in whatever they decide to undertake.

“Matteo likes the arts more, and Valentino is going to spend his life in front of the screen because he wants to be the best youtuber in the world”Ricky said.

And he added: “When I was 12 years old, I told my father that I wanted to be an artist and he supported me and I am so grateful for that… For being with me on this trip. So I have to do the same ”.

In addition, the interpreter indicated that he will use his experience to facilitate their path.

Martin has spoken several times about his fatherhood and how he has managed to combine his career with his fatherhood duties. If necessary, his children accompany him on some international tours.

Many people say little guys need stability. I think that we are their stability. If we are close to them, they feel safe and protected regardless of the roller coaster they are experiencing. They are by our side. They grew up in this madness … We are going to protect them “, Ricky had commented to the magazine People.

With the help of Valentino and Matteo, the 48-year-old performer and her husband, Jwan Yosef, 36, have managed to keep their balance at home, as Martin says the twins are great babysitters.

“They became older brothers automatically. They see a baby and want to protect it. We have safety for the girls, ”Martin said with a laugh.

With four children in his care, the artist does not rule out the possibility of expanding the family and adoption could be a good alternative to achieve it.

“For many years I dreamed of being a dad, and many, many, many times I went through this painful process that I am gay, I am a gay man in the closet, and I will not be able to be a dad,” he had confessed to the magazine Out.

“Obviously adoption is a chance and it is beautiful, but unfortunately for gay men it is very difficult to adopt in other countries … There are times when I want ten more children, and then there are those mornings where everyone is crying and I say, ‘Ok, we’re fine with a family of six.

Ricky’s partner, Yosef, is a Syrian-born Swedish painter and artist. They had their children through surrogate pregnancies.

Yosef grew up in Switzerland, where his family went into exile. There he trained in art and design at the best universities.

The love story began on Instagram in 2016. The pop star is an art collector and sent Yosef some messages asking about some works. The plastic artist, of Kurdish and Armenian descent, responded to him and began a dialogue that lasted six months through networks, without hearing the voice.

Ricky said that, although one thing led to another, they only talked about art, life and existential issues “nothing sexy, nothing sexual. It’s not that he sent me photos or vice versa, I swear ”.


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