Ricky Martin froze embryos because he thinks about having more children

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The artist, who is already the father of four children, revealed that he does not rule out enlarging the family.

With four children of very different ages, Ricky Martin still wants to enlarge the family. The singer told in a television interview that does not rule out having more children with his partner, the plastic artist Jwanf Josef.

Ricky Martin is the father of twins Matteo and Valentino, 12 years old; Lucia, two years old, and little Renn, who has just turned one. However, about to turn 49, the artist imagines that it would not be a bad idea to raise more boys and girls in his family.

In statements to the channel Entertainment Tonight, the artist confessed that he is willing to have more children in the not too distant future. And revealed that has several frozen embryos thinking about that possibility.

Her four children came into the world by means of the surrogacy method.

“Some people think I’m crazy, but I love having a big family, so I have several embryos waiting for me. That’s all I can tell you, ”said the singer.

On the other hand, in the same interview she assured that her husband “will go crazy when he reads the news”, implying that it is not yet a project discussed in the couple.

“There are times when I want to have ten children, and suddenly there are mornings when everyone is crying and then I realize that six is ​​a good number,” Ricky admitted.

On the other hand, the singer also recognized that it is not the same to take care of a baby, or several, at 35 as he was when the twins were born than at 48, the age at which his youngest child was born.

“You need the energy for that! I feel strong, believe me, and I am healthy. I mean, I’m carrying two babies at the same time, the car and the package, but it’s a lot. It is a great responsibility ”, described the Puerto Rican about the family dynamics to organize with the four children.

On the other hand, he also recounted the challenges that the family faces at each stage of parenting. “Now things are getting interesting,” he said in reference to the preadolescence of his two older children.

“Everything is part of the stage. But they are both very good boys. In addition, they have a beautiful little sister and a little brother, so they know the role of being their protective brothers. It’s beautiful, ”Ricky assured.

Visibly happy, he added: “I am very proud of all my little ones and I feel totally fortunate to have the family that I have.”

In the description of this day to day with his numerous offspring, the artist said that it is his only daughter, Lucia, who “reigns” in the house, with just two years that will be next month.

“It is not their house, but hers. She is the one who commands the house. She still does not snap her fingers, but by her look we know that she is saying no,” said the singer, totally enthralled with his baby. “She is only two years old, but because of the way she is, we already know,” he added.

While organizing his life as a father and imagining his future with a house full of boys and girls, the singer does not neglect his career. In the recent delivery of the Latin Grammy, held in Miami, Ricky sang two songs with Carla Morrison as a duet and, in addition, she was sensual in her underwear, from her networks, backstage at the ceremony.




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