Richard Swing, the unknown singer who can leave Peru without a president

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Who is Richard Swing? It is the question that arises when hearing the name of this unknown but histrionic singer who has put the president of Peru on the ropes, Martín Vizcarra, who makes him stagger from his presidential chair in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and seven months after the elections.

Richard Swing is the stage name of Richard Cisneros, “a total ‘showman'”, as he defines himself in social networks, but who only achieved fame thanks to public money that he took for his high fees as a lecturer since Vizcarra is president, of which claims to be his close friend.

In total there were 175,000 soles (about $ 50,000) that this singer, with dubious musical taste but with an overflowing narcissistic personality, pocketed without too much swing. nine hires made by the Ministry of Culture between 2018 and 2020 for various and varied events.

“Wisdom transforming leadership” is the vaporous and abstract title of his latest virtual conference, given to officials of the Ministry of Culture in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and in which claimed to have made “a great contribution to humanity”, as he wrote in the activity report.

Judging from his words, only that lecture by which charged 30,000 soles (about $ 8,500) It was more important than the three albums he recorded in his 25-year musical career marked by general anonymity and poorly produced videos where Swing plays a very low-cost version of Juan Gabriel.

Audios secretly recorded by your assistant

Now, in some audios apparently secretly recorded by the former assistant to President Karem Roca, you can hear Vizcarra plan how to hide Swing visits to the Government Palace of Lima, a fact that puts the president in a big trouble, because weeks ago he denied having had a greater relationship and contact with the artist.

This will now be used by Congress, who was already investigating Swing hires, to promote removal of Vizcarra.

His cessation would make the president of the Legislative Head of State, the opposition Manuel Merino De Lama, since the Government does not have representation in a parliament full of enemies of the president.

In the audios supposedly recorded by Roca, a person who was very close to Vizcarra but who in the audios presents himself as a scapegoat in the case and betrayed by the president, the Swing’s pretense of grandeur are reflected when you hear him say that he had thought of writing a novel based on his relationship with the president under the title The friend in the shade.

They used me to make a coup a coup d’état in the form of vacancy (dismissal), “said Swing on Friday, assuring that he had been the victim of a congressional plot against the president.

In a dramatic and theatrical twist, the artist indicated that everything he said on the recordings were deliberate lies, said knowing that it was being recorded.

Vizcarra denies having intervened in Swing’s hiring But he admits to knowing him from the 2016 electoral campaign, where the quirky artist acted in several rallies for the candidacy of former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (2016-2018), after whose resignation the current president assumed the leadership of the State.

Swing began to be hired periodically by the Ministry of Culture since Vizcarra assumed the Presidency and he surrounded himself in the Government Palace with several natural advisers from the southern region of Moquegua, where the president was regional governor (2011-2014), and from which the singer was also a native.

Vizcarra Selfies with Swing

When their questionable contracts were discovered, the selfies Swing took with Vizcarra when he invited the Government Palace to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the President’s first Council of Ministers.

In his visits to the Palace he kept his fancy style, wearing Mickey Mouse ties, but always with his characteristic combination of a suit and a scruffy shirt on the outside, finished off with a gold necklace, bracelet and watch and sunglasses.

However, Swing’s highlight was the day that appeared in Congress to explain to a parliamentary commission its links with Vizcarra, probably the day of his life, until today, that he felt the most expectation about himself when his speech was broadcast on national television.

As if it were one more of his questioned motivational talks and recreating in each answer to feel like being the center of attention, Swing denied having a relationship with Vizcarra, but he left pearls for the newspaper library that detail the high concept he has of his artistic talent so little valued by the rest of the people.

He compares himself to Picasso and Juan Gabriel

“How would Picasso, Da Vinci or Juan Gabriel feel if they were summoned to the Ministry of Culture? They couldn’t work”Swing responded by way of regret that he is questioning the tasks he has performed in exchange for public money.

In his speech he assured without flinching or blinking that He is not only a singer and a speaker but also “political marketing expert” and … “high-level athlete”, despite the fact that his obvious overweight seems to indicate otherwise.

This lover of appearances too boasted of his doctorate ‘honoris causa’ awarded by the Mexican Institute of Leaders of Excellence, an institution questioned in Mexico for allegedly giving this type of recognition in exchange for money.

Another dubious merit of Swing is the triple platinum record and double gold record that he boasts of having achieved by sale of your musical productions, until now irrelevant, since the fame that the singer longed for so much finally reached him, but at the cost of putting Vizcarra’s head in the hands of an opposition Congress.




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