Ricciardo sympathizes to Verstappen: “But, it can happen in this first round”

Daniel Ricciardo said that he felt for Max Verstappen’s former teammate, and had to be admitted to the hospital following a serious crash during Sunday’s opening round of the British Grand Prix. While he thinks Lewis Hamilton is entering the corner too fast for his race, the Australian believes it can also happen in the first lap.

Daniel Ricciardo, among others, said that Max Verstappen’s crash at Copseto was “definitely a horrible one”. Motorsport.com. “It doesn’t take much to have a serious accident at such speed. After the accident, Verstappen was taken to Silverstone’s medical center for examination. He was then flown by helicopter to Coventry Hospital for further evaluation. On Sunday evening, Verstappen announced via Twitter that he was doing well and that he had been allowed to leave the hospital.

“If you drive side by side in such a fast corner, the aerodynamics will work less for both. The driver from Perth said that Lewis was especially so. “They both went in at full speed and in the end Lewis went a little too fast for the amount of grip there was as he drifted into Max. Although it was unintentional, that’s the result of aerodynamics in these cars. You just have to build in a little more margin.”

McLaren Formula 1 driver, McLaren Formula 1, stated that he was not going to be a race director or suggest Lewis should have done something. “They’ve been racing each other hard all year and it’s just unfortunate that they hit each other now and it resulted in such a bad accident. The main thing is that Max is okay.” According to Ricciardo, incidents such as with Verstappen and Hamilton in the first lap of a race can never be completely prevented. Ricciardo, a seven-time race winner, also referred to the incident between George Russell (the sprint racer) and Carlos Sainz on Saturday. The Spaniard’s Williams driver pulled the Spaniard into spin at the Wellington Straight. This resulted in a three-place penalty on Sunday’s grid. “To be honest it was a bit like George and Carlos. It’s the first lap. The tires are still a little cold. Things can turn around. That’s racing. But I certainly feel for Max.”

Fernando Alonso, two-time world champion Fernando Alonso speaks out about an unfortunate moment. “I think Lewis was more than half a car length next to Max. The Alpine driver stated that Lewis cannot just vanish.” Motorsport.com. “It was just an unfortunate moment. I didn’t think there was any set-up or fault by either driver. So an unfortunate moment.”

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