Ricciardo accepts: McLaren habituation an ongoing process

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo still seeks his best form. He has accepted that he was feeling frustration earlier in the season.

Renault’s excellent 2020 was a success Daniel RicciardoThe switch to McLaren. However, for now, he isn’t having it easy with his new employer. Lando Norris, his teammate, is driving the stars of heaven. He has been on the podium three more times and is currently third in the championship. Ricciardo finds it more difficult. Great Britain saw Ricciardo finish in the top five for only the second time since 2021. That puts the counter at 50. This gives the Australian eighth place in title fight.

Ricciardo has struggled since the beginning of the season to adapt his riding style for the MCL35M. But, frustrations have given way to the realization of the fact that this will continue to be an ongoing process. “It gets annoying at times. But it’s not frustrating anymore. I know that the truth is that I have to find something else and become one with the car. The McLaren driver stated that she believes this is the best description. “So I don’t think it’s new to me anymore. It is something I know and it will likely continue to be a process. Although I didn’t panic initially, I knew that I was losing ground. I was simply trying to understand where I was losing and what I need to get those three, four tenths a lap extra out of it.”

It’s not a surprise that better qualifying is more important than race.

Ricciardo was surprised that he was having more trouble at Silverstone in races than in qualifying. It’s odd because it would seem that I would be shorter on one lap if the car is really at its limit. “But here we have seen that the opposite is true,” he explained after answering a question. Motorsport.com. When the heavy fuel-laden car began to move more, he noticed that he was missing some thing. “With that feeling, I have not been in a position to consistently drive the car at the cutting edge.

Ricciardo feels that he made a significant step forward during the British Grand Prix. Carlos Sainz was the reason he did that. He was faster than his rival last year, as the Ferrari driver took over McLaren’s Australian place. He failed to overtake his rival. “Having Carlos behind me for most of the race and putting pressure on me almost forced me to go a little too fast through some of the corners. It made me feel like I was a bit closer to the limit. It is extremely encouraging. Carlos was clearly faster in free air, but it is encouraging to have a top-five finish in this form,” said the seven time Grand Prix winner.


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