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On Friday, Daniel Riccardo took part in the popular morning program “Breaking Dawn” on the Australian TV channel 7News, and he was asked several questions on various topics, to which he answered in his cheerful manner.

In particular, he was asked if he was going to seriously engage in musical creativity, because he more than once posted funny videos on the network in which, for example, he performs some rap songs, sometimes solo, sometimes with one of his friends …

“I don’t plan to go that far! – Laughing, answered Riccardo. – You see, I like to fool around, I like to have fun. When I’m not driving a race car, I am a very relaxed and carefree person.

But when I put on the helmet, everything else, one might say, remains blocked, and a serious struggle begins on the track. Although this year, of course, since the races are held with empty stands, this to some extent affects the atmosphere, but only in preparation for the Grand Prix. And when the race starts, the intensity of the rivalry is the same, the speeds are the same, the adrenaline is the same. “

Also, the presenters of the program asked Daniel how his relationship with Max Verstappen was developing, because at one time, when they were partners in Red Bull Racing, their confrontation was very principled.

“After I left Red Bull, our rivalry with him became less tense, and I would say that now Max and I get along well, – said the Australian, although this was so much fun that the audience involuntarily questioned his sincerity. – He is OK. He gradually matures, so everything is fine. “

A few months ago, in an interview with Australian journalist Mark Howard, Riccardo said literally the following: “I think a lot of Max’s manners are due to his age, and this has its disadvantages associated with some immaturity, but also its advantages, since he does not care at all no matter, he’s not afraid to make people angry or take risks. “



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