Riccardo: I smile, although deep down I am upset

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In the Grand Prix of Tuscany, Daniel Riccardo took 4th place – this is the third race in which he was literally one step away from the podium. In Mugello, it seemed that the Australian could finish behind the Mercedes duo, but Renault’s car lacked some speed. In any case, Daniel performed well and it was his fans who chose the “Racer of the Day”.

Q: You were so close to the podium, and in any case, had a great race!
Daniel Riccardo: You see, I smile, although, of course, deep down I am a little upset, like everyone on our team. We know that we had a great race, the tactics were great, it allowed us to get ahead of Lance Stroll, we also got great restarts, thanks to which we were in the top three.

If Albon overtook me at the restart, then it would still be possible to say: “Eh, we lost!” But his car just turned out to be faster than ours, and we could not oppose anything to his pace.

Question: The situation was influenced by the last restart, because after it everything changed, because in fact everyone had a 12-lap sprint, and Albon was behind you in a faster car …
Daniel Riccardo: Yes, in the first two sections of the race, I felt that he was somewhere close, but Stroll was driving behind me, and then it did not seem that Albon could go much faster. But, I suppose, when there was little fuel left in the tank of his car, and he got soft rubber, he was able to add, especially in the last sector. That is why he was able to quickly approach me and use DRS. In that situation, there was nothing I could do.

Question: There are stages on the tracks where you will need to tune the cars for a higher downforce, and I guess after today’s race you will have more confidence …
Daniel Riccardo: Yes, all this is really encouraging. We knew that we would be able to perform well in Spa and Monza, but I can’t say that we expected a lot from Mugello, but after yesterday’s qualification, we became confident that we would be able to fight for places in the top five in the race. And today’s result will give us confidence before the next steps.

Q: Would you like the Mugello track to be included in the season calendar in the future?
Daniel Riccardo: Definitely, today’s race cannot be called boring! Although we were all afraid of this, it turned out the other way around, so we will gladly return to this track.



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