Ricardo Bochini, lapidary against Cecilio Domínguez: “He was not fit to take the 10 of Independiente”

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The maximum idol of the Avellaneda club responded to the Paraguayan, who had said: “Any place is better than the Independiente in which I had to play.”

Despite the stoppage of football, it seems that Independiente finds it difficult to find tranquility. The statements of Cecilio Dominguez, who left the club confronted with the leadership and is now in Guaraní de Paraguay, made a lot of noise and it did not take long for the first weighty response to appear in the Red: none other than Ricardo Bochini’s.

The player sold to MLS and later loaned to Guaraní from Paraguay, had criticized the club and the leadership. “I’m much better than what I experienced in Argentina, in Independiente, without a doubt. I think that any place is better than the Independiente in which I played. Beyond the people, who have every reason to comment, whistle or support It was unfortunate from the leadership to be there, “he said.

What did Bochini say about it? “Everyone knows in Argentine and world football what Independiente is. He has spoken that way, I think, because he has not done well in Independiente, he has not performed as perhaps expected,” he replied.

“When it came for a very large number, there was an expectation and it went wrong because never had performances that people could recognize. He will speak about what happened to him at the club, “said the top idol of the Avellaneda team.

On the other hand, the Bocce He referred to the request that Cecilio had made to wear his historic coat. “Any player cannot ask for Independiente’s jersey number ten; it has to have game characteristics. Players who wore that jersey had a feature to be able to wear it. He was not a suitable player to carry it, ”he said on TyC Sports.

Bochini assured that situations like Domínguez’s appear when it fails to go looking for reinforcements. “First you have to know which player to hire and tell which club he’s coming to, what it takes to succeed,” he said. It is the team with the most Copa Libertadores. There you have to know well who to choose. If not, they can declare anything ”.

Finally, Bochini assured: “Independent in recent years could not put together a team that is at the club level, taking out (Ariel) Holan’s team that won the South American Cup. Later he could not confirm that great moment he had. That’s why this happens: Players who were paid a lot of money and did not perform at all”.


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