Constantin Popa disappeared on January 31, when he left home for work, but never got there. Only his yellow backpack was found later, and from May the German Police offer a reward of 10,000 euros for information that could solve the mystery, writes the news site

Responsbail of the case, the Neu-Ulm criminal investigation department does not rule out a violent crime.

In search of information and answers, the police addressed the public on Wednesday evening through the show “Unresolved XY File”, broadcast on ZDF television.

According to Holger Stabik, a spokesman for the Schwaben Süd / West police station, Constantin Popa left his apartment in Großkötz on 31 January at around 13:00 to go to work on foot. But he never got there and was reported missing by the owner of the apartment he was renting. A few days after the man’s disappearance, a co-worker found his backpack hanging on a tree.

Despite the search operations carried out by the German police, Constantin Popa remains untraceable.

Meanwhile, police focused their investigation on a suspect, a 37-year-old man. Police did not provide details on how they found the suspect.

“Every clue is important. We want to reconstruct the day when Constantin Popa disappeared and to get a complete picture “, said Holger Stabik, quoted by