The 19-year-old girl was raped two weeks ago by four men from a superior caste in Hathras district, Uttar Pradesh, and died at a hospital in Delhi. The girl suffered multiple fractures, including her spine and her tongue was split, NDTV reports. The young woman’s mother stated that she tried to file a complaint for rape with the police, but as the girl could not speak, she was not taken into account. The family also accuses the girl of not receiving proper care in the first week.

The family claims that the men were detained only 10 days after the rape. “She was allowed to die. She fought for 14 days for her life “, said the young woman’s brother, according to BBC.

Local journalist Abhishek Mathur, who witnessed the cremation, told the BBC that police had not allowed the family to approach the funeral home.

The victim’s brother said authorities pressured the family to cremate her immediately, but they objected.

“I refused, and they put her in an ambulance and cremated her,” he said.

A local official denied the allegations, saying the authorities had obtained the family’s consent.

The local journalist said that the young woman’s mother wanted to bring her home first, but she was not allowed, and then they were denied access near the funeral pyre.

“The police formed a human cordon to prevent the crowd of protesters, the family and the press from approaching the place where the cremation was to take place,” he said. The young woman’s brother also said that members of her family were abruptly beaten and beaten, even by women.

“They took the body without our parents’ permission and cremated it. They didn’t even let us say goodbye, “he said.

Videos from the scene broadcast on television and distributed on social networks surprised the family’s efforts to claim the girl’s body at the entrance of the police ambulance. The girl’s father is surprised to explain to reporters that the funeral does not take place at night, or the authorities did so at 2:30 in the morning.

Opposition parties described the incineration as a gross violation of human rights.

The death of the young woman sparked a wave of revolt in India, Dalit caste rights activists, the last in the Hindu social hierarchy, blocking the market in Hathras and demanding sanctions against police officers. However, they are also angry about the way the rape investigation was conducted.

Although the law protects the rights of Dalits, the caste hierarchy has remained ruthless, so they are still seen as second-class citizens in India, which is why they are oppressed. The Dalit population is estimated at about 200 million people.