Review: Spider-Man: Miles Morales is shorter, more intimate and above all, more beautiful

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Sony’s second Spider-Mangame is significantly shorter than its predecessor, but the focus is better. That’s why Miles Morales the better of the two.

Winding through New York is great

although Miles Morales the game released in 2018 Spider-Man it is difficult to call the game a full-fledged sequel. The game features a new story with this time the black protagonist Miles Morales in the lead. But it takes place in the same city with largely the same controls.

Perhaps that is why the game is sold in a bundle: whoever gets the most expensive edition will also receive an improved version of the original. Which is optimized for the PlayStation 5. In the United States it costs Miles Morales not the full blow, in the Netherlands you still pay 60 euros.

Spé superhero Miles is trained in this part by Spider-Man nestor Peter Parker. Miles has to protect New York on his own while his mentor is on vacation. That offers room for a somewhat more traditional Spider-Man-story. Miles is a seventeen-year-old high school student who tries to give his new life as a hero a place.

Still uit Spider-Man: Miles Morales. (Bron: Marvel)

Reusing gameplay and the city from the first Spider-Man that means many of the highlights from the original Miles Morales be repeated. Once again, you have the freedom to meander through downtown New York and fight crime in optional side missions.

This movement is done by means of a nuanced and complex pendulum system, which gives you the feeling that you have complete control over Miles’ lightning-fast movements. That remains a lot of fun even after hours of playing. Although you can quickly teleport to some locations, we still often swinged there ourselves.

Miles fights and moves just like Peter Parker from the first game, but can also take out enemies with power attacks. It can also become invisible during stealth missions. Both systems do not completely turn the game upside down, but keep it fresh compared to its predecessor.

This sequel has significantly less to offer than the original. The number of side missions has been significantly reduced and the main story is also reaching its end faster. On the one hand, that’s a shame, but it does give the game more focus. For example, behind every optional mission is a small story that brings the city a little more to life.

The final battle between Miles and two criminal organizations also feels a little less far-fetched than the massive wars between factions in the previous game. The number of heroes and villains remains small, so everyone is assigned a logical role.

Still uit Spider-Man: Miles Morales. (Bron: Marvel)



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