Confession: I had never played a Pikmin title. I had heard of the saga and had been recommended to me at times but had not had a chance to try it … until 2 weeks ago.

And what I discovered, probably due to daily stress (pandemic, elections… now please!), Was that Pikmin 3 Deluxe is the perfect successor to Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it comes to disconnecting from the world, having fun and relaxing.

Another chance!

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is the updated version of a game that arrived on the Nintendo Wii U console in 2013 and was the successor to the popular Pikmin 2 for the Game Cube.

Pikmin 3, while entertaining and lovable, was unlucky enough to be released for one of the least popular consoles in Nintendo history.

And with this version, which includes the downloadable content of the original game and an additional adventure with characters from previous games, you have a new opportunity to win over fans and new explorers.

Pikmin 3 history and mechanics

Pikmin 3 Delux begins with a forced landing of 3 little explorers named Alph, Brittany and Charlie who are separated by crashing on a new planet called PNF-404.

Their original mission is to get food and supplies for their community, but at the same time they must meet again, discover what happened to the ancient explorers who arrived at the place and rebuild their ship to return.

Thus, the game starts with a single character (Alph) and his encounter with the first type of Pikmins, which are tiny creatures that players can control to load food, break obstacles and fight.

The Pikmin act more or less like ants (the more the better) and depending on the color, they have different abilities: the red ones support fire and are great warriors; the yellow ones are electric and fly higher; grays are strong as rocks, etc.

To progress through the story and bring fruits to the ship (whose size relative to Pikmin is huge), players must use the correct type of Pikmin and prevent them from being eaten by enemies, be it drowning, catching fire, or electrocution. .

If a Pikmin dies, you can “create” a new one by taking the bodies of fallen enemies or special tokens to an onion robot that absorbs the… tribute? And plants new Pikmin on the ground to harvest.

The maximum number of Pikmin that a player can have simultaneously is 100 and it is their job to distribute the amount of Pikmin of each type that they want to take with them.

Another important fact is that, before the sun sets, it is necessary to store the Pikmin in the robot / onion, otherwise they will be annihilated by the fauna of the place.

The latter forces you to plan your times and sometimes to abandon fights with the bosses of each area and resume them the next day. And it is that although it is not so difficult to obtain new Pikmin, it does require some “talacha”.

Terapia de Switch

Pikmin 3 Deluxe doesn’t have a deep story, bloody fights, or twists and turns. But none of this is necessary to have a good time.

Similar to Animal Crossing, the game that in 2020 has helped many players survive lockdown and shattered all-time sales figures, Pikmin provides a comforting distraction.

On the one hand, the game forces you to concentrate so nothing to think about that pending of work that leaves you sleepless, and on the other hand, although challenging, the puzzles are quite noble.

Getting new hard-to-get fruits (is that a watermelon ?!) and watching the explorers juice it is tremendously rewarding, especially when the colorful jars are piled up on the ship and Brittany tells you for the millionth time which servings are enough to go on.

Defeating enemies with the correct Pikmin or discovering new classes that allow you to reach areas you didn’t have access to for a long time is the gamer equivalent of scratching a sting on your back. You didn’t know you needed it but you greatly appreciate it.

A juicier version

And just as explorers get every last drop of juice out of fruits (even bananas and avocados!), This game has new formats to enjoy alone or with friends.

You will be able to play Story mode with someone else, try different missions with enemies you have already defeated in the game or enter “Bingo” battles to collect objects that your Bingo card asks for.

Playing with someone else is fun if you’re not a control freak who hates losing, but I’m sure parents with more than one child at home will greatly appreciate it.

Should I play it?

If you like puzzle or strategy games that get you thinking and also have adorable designs and characters, definitely yes. It’s a really fun title.

If games with a lot of action, battles and deep stories are your thing, it may not be your thing. Still I would give it a try, even between more intense games, this can be a very entertaining respite.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is available for the Nintendo Switch console at an approximate price of $1,500 MXN.