Review overview: Meskina, a ‘through-and-through Dutch romcom’

It was created by Soundos El Ahmadi MeskinPremieres Thursday. The comedy is a romantic comedy about Leyla (Maryam Hashouni), a 30-year-old single woman dissatisfied by her family’s dissatisfaction. It has moderately positive reviews.

ADThree out of five stars

“Comedy actress Soundos El Ahmadi is able to be seen in a supporting role. However, she had been contemplating a film that would feature a Moroccan woman as the lead. Meskin This is a rom-com that’s rooted in the Netherlands. One with a predictable, clichéd plot, populated by hysterical characters. While it’s amusing and sympathic, we seldom see the’real people.

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NRCFour out of five stars

“With Leyla’s constantly fast pace and all her attention to the dating vicissitudes. MeskinThe film clearly targets a wide and young audience. However, the film is funny enough that it transcends the boundaries of its target audience. The film’s rhythm is not perfect and not every scene flows smoothly. Leyla’s dramatic speech towards ending the film moves in all directions.

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VolkskrantThree out of five stars

“The film is about Leyla’s struggle for emancipation, but also about social pressure and the ballast of tradition, about the struggle between family and individual, image and identity.

“The film could be a bit more in-depth in this respect. Leyla loses track of her personal needs and divides her schedule between Fabian (Amin) and Fabian (Fabian), so too. MeskinYou will be able to see the obligatory songs of rom-com, including the compilation and dismal dates, the race-to the-airport scene, and Leyla’s knit-together closing speech.

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