Review: Demon’s Souls is a worthy remake of a spicy classic

Demon’s Souls is one of the few exclusive PlayStation 5 games at the moment. The game is a must for anyone who is not averse to a big challenge and wants to be overwhelmed by the performance of the new PlayStation.

Every fight is exciting

In Demon’s Souls you play a hero in the land of Boletaria. Once a king made an unwise deal with a demon, after which a dense fog – and with it evil – entered the land. As a hero, you set out to rid Boletaria of the curse and restore the land. For this you wrestle yourself step by step through often dark and filthy worlds to defeat large demons.

The original version of Demon’s Souls Released for PlayStation 3 in 2010, it was praised for its high level of difficulty. As a result, the game did not initially reach a huge audience. But over the years, the game gained the status of a cult classic.

Only later it turned out Demon’s Souls the birth of a whole new genre: the Soulsgames. Developer FromSoftware then started working on the now well-known Dark Soulsseries, but also made Bloodborne in Ax. These games are loved and sold well.

although Demon’s Souls is basically a ten-year-old game, it feels like new on PlayStation 5. The game has been redeveloped by Bluepoint Games and is therefore suitable for the new generation of Sony game consoles.

Bosses in Demon’s Souls are sometimes full screen. (Image: Bluepoint Games)

The first thing you notice is how smooth the game works and looks. In the new version Demon’s Souls stable at 60 frames per second. You notice this, especially because in the game a fraction of a second can mean the difference between life and death. As a player you try to analyze the attacks of enemies and then respond quickly. If you make a mistake, you will sometimes be killed with one blow.

When that happens, start again at the beginning of the level. You will also lose collected souls, which you get by defeating enemies. You can pick up these souls from the place where you died, but you only get one chance for that. If you die again in the meantime, the souls are gone forever.

And that is often very painful, because those souls are the basis of everything you do in the game. You improve your existing weapons, buy new ones and trade them in to become stronger. Getting rid of them makes battles with any enemy thrilling. But this also means that you will regularly have to replay entire sections of levels. If you do that often enough, you notice that it is getting easier.

The game is often dark and dirty. (Image: Bluepoint Games)

While the high level of difficulty remains unchanged, Bluepoint has made some minor adjustments to make the game feel a little more streamlined. But the game remains tough: on descents you quickly fall to your death and you regularly bite yourself on difficult bosses, while you search for their weak spot and try to avoid attacks.



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