Review: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a nice repeat exercise

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The newest Assassin’s Creed if you’ve played earlier parts of the game series, it’s more of the same. Fortunately, this part, which takes place in the Viking age, is again very well put together.

Man or woman play

After forays into ancient Egypt and Greece, the latest plays Assassin’s Creed located in several parts of Europe. The protagonist Eivor is a Viking in the ninth century who goes on a warpath in a divided England.

That story is like in a television series. At the start of the game, Eivor just wants to avenge his father’s death, but once he succeeds, the goals shift a bit. There is no question of a great evil or a final boss: this game simply tells you what happens in this Viking life.

Eivor can be either a man or a woman. Players can switch between the two in the middle of the game, or a special mode can be activated that highlights each character individually. For example, you will not miss a special fight in which only the female Eivor takes part.

The story starts slowly and feels a bit more thoughtful than previous titles, but the characters are also more superficial. True Assassin’s Creed Odyssey drawn from multiple sides of Greek history, the Vikings are from Valhalla especially killing machines with little nuance. They mainly scream about how much fun war is, which makes it difficult to form a band.

Valhalla is just like the previous one Assassin’s Creedtitles an open world game. You can play the main missions to follow the story, but it is also possible to get off the beaten track and complete optional missions. The game is again full of treasures to find or optional enemies to defeat.

You will also find special mini-games scattered throughout the game. In tavernas, you have to eat as much beer as possible during a drinking game, without your drunken character falling over. In poetry competitions you creatively rhyme to humiliate opponents. It gives the game color and variety in addition to the violent main missions.

The differences with previous parts are in the details. For example, Eivor can hold any weapon or even shields in both hands, which allows for more variety in fighting styles. While sneaking it is again possible to hide in groups of people, as was possible in previous games.

But in general this is simply a new one Assassin’s Creedgame. The French Ubisoft is not making big steps here. With Odyssey the basis of the game series has already been refined to a great extent, true Valhalla may now build on.

The lack of innovation does not alter the fact that the overall quality is high. In Valhalla you fight and explore as usual, but that is just fine. Later fights are tricky and exciting, which makes the game more challenging overall.

Valhalla appears on both the current and the new generation of game consoles. For our review, we already played the game on an Xbox Series X, where the visual differences with similar games on old hardware did not seem very big.



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