Reverse start rule will not work

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The owners of Formula 1 planned to experiment with the weekend format next year, replacing the usual qualification with a short Saturday race in several stages, in which the drivers would start in reverse order to their positions in the championship, and their positions at the finish would determine the starting grid of the Grand Prix.

To make this change to the sporting regulations, it must be supported by an absolute majority of votes of the Formula 1 Commission, consisting of teams, the FOM and the FIA ​​- in favor must be 28 out of 30 votes. But not everyone supports this idea.

Mercedes have already said that they will vote against, and they are ready to support customers using the same engines in 2021 – Racing Point and McLaren, which means that the idea will not receive the required number of votes.

“We at McLaren understand everything,” said team leader Andreas Seidl. – We believe that Formula 1 has always been and should remain a championship, where one rule is always observed – in qualification, there should be the best driver ahead in the best car of the best team. And if everything goes well in the race, then he remains in the lead and eventually wins. That is why we are against reversible starting grids.

We must accept Mercedes’ merits and respect what they have done to dominate the sport. They deserve such results, performing better than their rivals – and the rest of the teams must catch up with them.

The next season will be a transitional one, one should not expect serious changes in the balance of power at the head of the peloton. But the budget limitation and new technical regulations in 2022 will help reduce the gap between teams and make the fight more acute. That is why we believe that now is not the time to introduce artificial randomness into races.

Reversible starting grids add an element of randomness, but this does not fit in Formula 1. This is contrary to the essence of the championship – what teams and fans love Formula 1. And that is why I think this is the wrong move. It is obvious that the discussion will continue behind closed doors, but I cannot imagine that we would support work in this direction. “



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