Red Bull Sports Executive Helmut Marko says Mick Schumacherin the agreement with Alfa Romeo is an agreed matter. Alongside the German is continuing Kimi Raikkonen.

Marko shared comments during the weekend’s Eifel GP. Among other things, Marko revealed that the coronavirus had caused headaches in the stables. Nico Hulkenberg was close to replace Alex Albonin yes Schumacher Antonio Giovinazzin, before the coronavirus samples of the racers turned out to be negative.

Schumacher’s debut as an F1 driver is only a matter of time, according to Marko.

– He has made a lot of progress, and in 2021, at least as I have been informed, he will drive an Alfa Romeo with Kim. It’s about an excellent pair, Marko frames the opponent’s camp in an interview with AvD Motorsport Magazine.

The interview asked why Red Bull never took 21-year-old Schumacher under the protection of its wings. Instead Michael Schumacherin the boy has been in Ferrari’s junior program for years.

– Motor sports are a very expensive sport. We want to give our support to young drivers, but in Mick’s case, we felt he could find financial help on his own. He didn’t need us, Marko reveals.