Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, 39, returned behind the wheel of an F1 car on Tuesday after a hiatus of nearly a year and a half. The Spanish driver was driving on the Catalan track on the day of the ad shoot, when the run may not exceed the hundred kilometers allowed by the F1 rules.

Alonso was in a good mood, but the return was not completely painless.

– The car is performing better than me at the moment. Getting back to Formula One isn’t that easy, so I don’t get the most out of the car. I improved round by round to give feedback to the engineers, he commented For Motorsport Week.

According to the Spanish driver, driving an F1 car was a good indication of his own physical condition. Harder training is known.

– Many things need to be completed. The first of these is fitness. I need to get back in shape and train according to F1 requirements. I strengthen my neck and upper body.

– My neck feels pretty good after a hundred kilometers, but tomorrow it might hurt a little.

After the condition, the car is made as comfortable as possible for Alonso to drive. The bench, steering wheel and pedals are adjusted according to the driver’s wishes.

The world champion believes he is tuning in to a hard blow with Renault engineers.

– I think there is potential in the car, we see it every weekend. However, it can still evolve. We are trying to be able to do it in the short term.

– There must be such a good connection with engineers that we understand each other on the basis of mere gaze.

Alonso drove Renault in 2003-2006 and 2008-2009. He won 17 races in the stable as well as the world championships in 2005 and 2006. Next season, Esteban Ocon will be his teammate.

Alonso last drove the F1 series at McLaren in late 2019. Since then, the Spaniard has focused on endurance racing, the Dakar Rally and the Indy500 race.