Retas Unocero by ACT II It has turned out to be a very successful virtual event to invite the community to participate, demonstrating their skills in gaming to receive amazing rewards.

In this competition, the team of One zero has prepared a very special competition to strengthen the bond with the community, inviting them to participate in different categories.

The first was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a stage in which more than 60 participants participated to be able to take a Nintendo Switch.

TEST: How much do you know about Gears of War?

But things don’t end there. The second stage has been inaugurated with Gears 5 and we are already living Day 3, which is the semifinal.

The more the competition progresses, everything has become more hearty and fierce thanks to the fact that 32 teams signed up for the confrontation.

This is a knockout tournament and the winning team will have a chance to win a Xbox One X 1 TB for each of the members.

Who has performed better? Find out in the following transmission:

¿Real o fake? Surge video de la versión de PS3 de Gears of War 3

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Put some popcorn on the challenges!