Results of the drawing of tickets for the Grand Prix of Russia

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The competition for fans has ended, in which, together with ANO Rosgonki, we raffled off tickets for the T1 Grand Prix of Russia in 2020.

In ten days, the participants answered ten questions from the history of the Russian Grand Prix, and today we are happy to announce the winners!

Participants with nicknames answered all ten questions faster and more accurately than anyone else.VeroNicka“And”jals“- check your mail, there are already instructions on how to receive prizes.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating!

Correct answers to quiz questions

Question 1: Usually sunny Sochi sometimes greets guests with such weather. Remember how many F1 rain sessions were in the history of the Russian Grand Prix?
Answer: 1.

Question 2: In this bundle of turns of Sochi Autodrom, the most “patriotic” shots with the tricolor are usually obtained. And Sergei Sirotkin believes that the behavior of the car here speaks best of the quality of the chassis. What two bends are we talking about?

Answer: 8th and 9th.

Question 3: Girls at the races in Sochi are the very charm, and their images are graceful references to the national flavor. Remember in what year they had such suits?
Answer: 2015 and 2018.

Question 4: During one of the training sessions for the 2019 Russian Grand Prix, Daniil Kvyat had to stop the car on the track and go to the pits on foot. Can you remember the turn where he parked?
Answer: 15th.

Question 5: This is one of the most famous photographs taken at the Russian Grand Prix. Can you guess which podium it was made on?
Answer: Т4.

Question 6
: Only true connoisseurs of Formula 11 will be able to understand that Ferrari drives the permitted 80 km / h on the pit lane of Sochi Autodrom …
Answer: SF70H (2017).

Question 7
: Before the Russian Grand Prix in 2017, Daniil Kvyat added one interesting detail to his helmet. Remember which one?
Answer: Torpedo.

Question 8: During his performances at McLaren, Fernando Alonso did not have many reasons for joy, and one of them happened at the Russian Grand Prix. What are the congratulations to the Spanish pilot?
Answer: With the 250th Grand Prix.

Question 9: If you’ve seen at least one Russian Grand Prix, you will immediately understand what kind of turn it is …
Answer: 3rd.

Question 10: Russian Grand Prix, Hamilton and Rosberg side by side … Remember what year it was?
Answer: 2014.



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