Results of investigation of Zanardi accident published

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On June 19, Alex Zanardi, a former Formula 1 racer and winner of several Paralympic gold medals, was involved in a serious accident in Italy, receiving severe head injuries, and since then he has been undergoing long-term treatment, the prospects of which are difficult to talk about.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office of the province of Siena has completed an investigation into the circumstances of the accident, which took place with the participation of experts, professors Dario Vanga and Mattia Strandja. The commission, which worked for three months, came to the following conclusions: Zanardi was riding a bicycle with a manual drive at a speed of 50 km / h on a narrow road number 146 and lost control, after which he crashed into a truck moving in the opposite direction at a speed of 38 km / h.

Zanardi’s bike was in good condition, the rider was moving at a permitted speed, and when he noticed an approaching truck, he tried to turn right to move off the center of the road. But there was an effect of oversteer, which caused the bike to skid and overturn. A fall followed, Zanardi found himself in the oncoming lane and hit his head on the front left wheel of the truck.

On the other hand, according to Gazzetta dello Sport, the conclusions of the engineer Giorgio Cavallina, who advises the racer’s family, are different: he believes that the truck has entered the oncoming lane.

At the next stage of the proceedings, the Siena prosecutor’s office must decide whether to order a new investigation based on the findings of the three experts or to take the case to court.



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