The Regional State Administrative Agency announced on Friday that the meeting restriction for the municipalities of the Vaasa Hospital District is 10 people in November. However, according to the Regional State Administrative Agency, it is also possible to hold events and meetings for a maximum of 50 people in the territory of these municipalities, if safety can be guaranteed.

Due to the mentioned restrictions, the Finnish Hockey Championship club Vaasan Sport cannot organize home matches in November.

In the sports office, however, no ax has been thrown into the pit for November. Managing director Tomas Kurtén hopes that the coronavirus situation in Vaasa will ease and that the authorities will be able to react flexibly.

– I interpreted that there is an opportunity to react here if the situation changes, and that is how I have been told, Kurtén says.

What does it mean for the Sport League season if the November home games can’t be played?

– It means to continue in the same way: No goals are scored or a few more goals are scored than the opponent.

– Well, of course I hope, not only from the point of view of Sport, but because of the whole region, that the epidemic situation calms down and you can do business a little more freely. It is in everyone’s interest.

According to Kurtén, Sport will do well if home matches go under, but it requires creativity in the office. Kurtén believes that the infection situation is going in a better direction.

The CEO says he also understands the authorities, as the situation in Vaasa has been difficult.

– It must be possible to react both in the direction of tightening restrictions and equally to be able to react in such a way that it is relaxed whenever possible.