Restricciones MadridDances without masks, sparklers and children at a banquet: the last parties discovered in Madrid

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More than 300 people without masks and without keeping a safe distance. This was the scenario that the Municipal Police found last Saturday when inspecting the emblematic La Riviera room, during the course of a concert that was to end at eleven at night, an obligation that was also unfulfilled. The succession of events began when agents of the Corps, in charge of regulating vehicle traffic and the influx of attendees leaving the space, observed several groups of people smoking in the surroundings without respecting the sanitary measures imposed by the advance of the coronavirus. Therefore, they proceeded to inspect the premises and stumbled upon the grotesque scene.

Shlomo, one of the new talents of French “underground techno” and the one in charge of closing, was on set – as the slang for a DJ performance is called the blackworks party by being announced as the headliner of it. Everything was prepared so that the public could enjoy the music without having to dance on the floor, occupied with chairs to keep the appropriate distance. However, the Municipal Police found that part of the attendees were milling around in the center of the room and the bars where alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are sold were crowded.

These circumstances, added to the fact that the event had exceeded the allowed time, led the agents to make the decision to vacate the disco, without registering notable incidents. In fact, the evacuation had the collaboration of the person in charge of the premises and the members of private security deployed at all times. With everything, we proceeded to the taking of a minute by virtue of the Law of Public Shows and Recreational Activities, in order to report what happened to the technicians of the Arganzuela District Board and the Specialization Units of the Judicial Police in case such action could lead to a criminal offense.

Different associations in the electronic music sector have been asking for caution and common sense when carrying out any type of event in Madrid, given the epidemiological situation that the region has been going through since last March. On September 4, the regional government set a maximum of 10 people for meetings in both public and private spaces and reduced capacity from 75% to 60% in wakes, weddings and communions, as well as subsequent banquets.

Sparklers in a restaurant

This event is added to the event that same night in Panthera, one of the fashion show restaurants in the center of the capital, where customers enjoyed an evening also without masks and without complying with the separation marked by the Covid. Thus, in a video released on Monday on the digital version of ABC, a crowd of people is observed dancing in a carefree attitude and in some cases with lit flares in their hands. Questioned by this incident, the person in charge of the establishment told this newspaper yesterday that “They complied with all the measures.” “The perspective of the video is from above, there you cannot see the distance between people, nor the dividing screens, nor the cords,” he stressed, noting that the place has temperature controls at the entrance, hydroalcoholic gel “everywhere parts »and a safety team that monitors compliance with the prevention regulations against the pathogen.

It further added that Panthera “It’s not a disco” and that “they open at 9 pm and close at one in the morning, and always with the bars set up as tables and without hosting a dance floor.” «The groups ask for bottles at their tables and the waiters, wearing masks, entertain them with shows. You can’t see the tables in the video, “he declared, despite the fact that the images showed the riot at the party.

On the other hand, on Sunday afternoon agents of the National Police and the Local of Leganés, they evicted a banquet with 80 people, among which was a high number of children. In another video, also published by this newspaper, it can be seen that during the celebration the attendees are spread out at round tables of more than 8 people full of food and drink.



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