Restaurant oil waste drives this ship

In November this year, for the first time, a ship that moves about 125,000 new cars a year between ports within Europe was refueled with recycled fuel from restaurant oil waste and other sources. The eco-ship, commissioned by the Volkswagen Group, will have a partner as early as 2021, allowing the two cargo carriers to move a quarter of a million Audit, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen a year between the group’s stations in Germany, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

The 180-meter boats turn 50 times a year, with a maximum of 3,500 cars on board at a time. This respectable mass is propelled by MAN 19 334 horsepower diesel engine. Refueling will be handled off the coast of Vlissingen, the Netherlands, from the tanker of a Dutch eco-oil service company, GoodFuels (pictured above).

With the commissioning of the two vessels, the annual CO2 emissions of VW’s maritime freight transport will be reduced to 9,000 tonnes instead of the previous 60,000 tonnes – this is an 85% minus! Nor is it incidental that the emission of sulfur oxides is almost completely eliminated.

The VW Group has not just begun to reduce its logistical carbon footprint: LNG (liquefied natural gas) ships transport cars on routes between Europe and North and Latin America, while rail transport within Germany is handled with energy from a sustainable source.

The VW Group aims to make its activities completely carbon neutral by 2050.



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