Although falling asleep is not difficult when night falls (or nap time!), Resting well is. A good dose of caffeine at the point of the morning (and more than a reminder in many cases) to face marathon routines that take us from one place to another has thus become the solution of many to endure the day with integrity before you can indulge in bed and try to get a good night’s sleep. However, despite good intentions, the reality is that we tend to ignore the advice of experts in order to get the necessary hours of rest to enjoy good physical and mental health.

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Thus, we should disconnect from the screens a few minutes before going to bed, bet on quality mattresses and pillows that take care of our spine and make sure everything is in order in the bedroom to avoid nighttime regrets. Effective measures that, however, sometimes require extra help to ensure that falling asleep is possible and that rest is assured.

In the market you can find different gadgets designed for this and, among the ones that have caught our attention is this Philips, el SomneoSleep y Wake-up Light: an intelligent tool with many features that, in addition to helping you rest, favors a progressive and healthy awakening. Do you want to find out how it works and what it can do for you? Well, keep reading!

The SomneoSleep and Wake-up Light, from Philips.
The SomneoSleep and Wake-up Light, from Philips.

Step by step to sleep well (and wake up better)

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    Preparing the body for sleep

    This device has a sunset simulation program that prepares the body for sleep. To do this, gradually decrease the light and sound, which helps a gradual relaxation.
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    Exercises to get to sleep

    Thanks to the relaxation and breathing exercises, this device helps us relax as a previous step to sleep. Thanks to its function of calm breathing guided by its light (with seven intensity rhythms to adapt to breathing with closed eyes) it is possible to disconnect and make a calm transition to sleep.
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    To wake up on the right foot.

    Who can wake up in a bad mood to a natural sunrise? This device simulates it before your alarm goes off. His work begins with a half hour of soft reddish dawn light, which will turn orange and finally flood the room with a bright yellow. Also, at this time natural sounds or the radio can be included.

This device has touch controls that allow us to activate a soft light as an auxiliary at night or delay the alarm for 9 minutes to enjoy ‘a little more’ between the sheets. Allows you to adjust the brightness and the sounds we want to hear and contributes to improve the quality of our rest and the state of mind.

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