Resisted and conquered: vinyl outsold CD in the United States

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During 2020, sales revenue in the “vintage” format nearly doubled that of compacts. In Argentina, prices are less “friendly”.

Of course the sales of CDs and vinyl records are infinitesimal, compared to the listening volume in streaming. The melancholic of always will say that the art of the cover, that the letters of the inner envelope, that such an album of Pink Floyd it sounds blue blue, how about another of Yes …

But vinyl is like tango: always waiting for you. And apparently he has a barbaric patience. Banking goes from an object of mass consumption to a dry object. It’s always coming back, and for a long decade it was reprogrammed as a circus phenomenon all over the world. The novelty is not that, but this year dead where I know zombizó all, the drive-ins were made to fill up, and they were filled with people to watch movies from the ’80s!

It is not strange, then, the news: vinyl outsold CD in the United States. It is the first time that has happened since both formats began to coexist in the market.

According to a study carried out about the middle of this year, vinyl sales meant, in that country, 232.1 million dollars, compared to CDs, which raised $ 129.9 million, as can be seen from a report by the Recording Industry Association from the United States.

The neo vinyl installation –Cazzu vinyl: large, round disc, usually black-. was growing accompanied by a concept well of this century: vintage. In 2020, vinyl revenue increased 4%, while CD revenue decreased 48%, according to the RIAA. But in reality, the interest in vinyl was insufficient this year: Sales of the physicist fell 23% to 376 million dollars in the first half of 2020 due to the closure of the (few) businesses that deal with that rarity.

The Billboard It seems that he also has a study in this regard and when it comes to explaining the phenomenon, in quotation marks, he says that Americans are nostalgic dudes who like vinyl like they like Bo Derek posters. The indices say that September is the most interesting month for the sale of vinyl in that country, an interest that has been growing gradually, in a dropper during the last 14 years.

Going to Europe, in Spain the needle does not move: unlike in the United States, sales of vinyl albums fell by 7.7%, considering the 7.8 million in the initial semester of 2019, against 7, 2 million today. Guatemala, Guatepeor: in favor of the album that needs a pick, the contraction in CD sales is sadder: 24.2 to 10.6 million, “Which is equivalent to a drop of almost 57 percentage points. Thus, both formats are only separated by a difference of barely three million euros in sales, so in 2021 vinyl may have already surpassed CD,” says a newspaper report ABC.

“Now we just have to change the Internet for something more analog and voila,” ironically a Spanish commentator. “You have to take into account that LPs they wear out, they are not very practical and that CDs, with streaming on top, also begin to be impractical “.

In Argentina, a vinyl of The Beatles cost $3.500 while a CD of the quartet oscillates between $ 500 and $ 800. A vinyl of The dark side of the moon, from Pink Floyd you can get to $4.547, while on CD you can get it for the mode of $1.100.

A little more here than nostalgia, in Buenos Aires the $955 what is the CD worth Chromatica, of Lady Gaga, they turn into $3.700 if it is vinyl (in the United States the difference is less than half, and goes from 17 dollars to 30); a relationship that worsens in the case of the most recent launch of Shawn Mendes, which trades at $830 on CD and shoot the $4.000 in the “vintage” format (17 dollars against 27 in the US).

That ratio of 1 to 4, which on average occurs between CDs and vinyl by foreign artists, is reduced to 1 to 2.5 in the case of local ones. Thus, for We will be spring, of Eruca Sativa, prices are $ 970 vs. $ 2,350; and the LP Debatable, of Drooling, bridges the gap with a price of $ 1,600 for the CD and $ 2,800 for the “disc”.

Anyway, the pandemic the planet did nothing but widen the distance between both physical formats versus the digitization of music. The data is almost gross: streaming reaches 88% of the market. He 12% remaining it is for LPs and CDs elbow each other.



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