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The pro-democracy deputies from Hong Kong They have announced that they are going to resign following the expulsion of four of his companions by decision of the local authorities, which China gave power to expel a politicians that pose a threat to national security.

“We, the pro-democracy camp, support our colleagues who have been disqualified. We will resign en bloc “said Wu Chi-wai, representative of the 15 pro-democracy deputies in the local parliament.

Four legislators from opposition have been disqualified in the Hong Kong Parliament in a withering and well-oiled maneuver that questions the political self-management of the former colony and the margins of action of the opponents of Beijing. The operation was carried out diligently. At breakfast time, Xinhua, the official news agency, reported a regulation approved by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the highest national legislative body, which made possible the disqualification of the Hong Kong MPs. And by lunchtime, the island government had already shown them the door.

The driven out They are Alvin Yeung, Kwok Ka-ki and Dennis Kwok, from the Civic Party, and Kenneth Leung, from the Professionals Guild formation. All four had been banned from running in the elections that were supposed to take place this year and which were postponed by the coronavirus. They were allowed, however, to keep their chairs in the Legco -Hong Kong Parliament-. Until today.

The new resolution allows the disqualification, without the need for cumbersome judicial procedures, of parliamentarians who support independence, deny Chinese sovereignty, threaten national security or request the intervention of foreign forces. All four had asked the United States to sanction the political leaders of Hong Kong and the interior. Li Zhanshu, chairman of the legislature, defended the law as “appropriate” and “necessary” to protect security, sovereignty and development.

Xiaoping’s shadow

The Chinese office in Hong Kong alluded to Deng Xiaoping, recalling that the architect of reforms and ideologist of the formula “one country two systems” said that the principle that allows the Hong Kong self-government it has its limits in the presence of antipatriots in the institutions. Deng’s date is no accident. The current crisis has blown up the brilliant work with which decades ago made possible the fitting of a foreign body in the Chinese magma. The morning regulation issued by Beijing to expel Hong Kong parliamentarians is another milestone, according to critics, on the way that will end the freedoms assured by Deng.

The law has generated the foreseeable opposing positions. The CEO, Carrie Lam, recalled that the highest body of the Chinese legislature is competent to interpret and monitor compliance with the Basic Law or mini constitution of the former colony. Former MPs have expressed their dismay. “The formula one country, two systems no longer exists. Whoever has made this decision will have to answer to history and each of Hong Kongers,” Kwok Ka-Ki said. “Today is a sad but also glorious day for everyone. We are leaving but there will be more Hong Kongers with aspirations, strength, hope and values ​​that will relieve us,” added Leung. “If the fight for democracy and human rights leads to disqualification, then I am honored,” finished Dennis Kwok.

The Hong Kong stage has changed after the approval in June of the National Security Law, which punishes crimes such as subversion, separatism, terrorism or foreign interference. For some, it has ended the episodes of anarchy and violent protests that had devastated the economy and social peace during the previous year. For others, it has devastated Hong Kong’s uniqueness.



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