Residents of the Moscow region from risk groups were obliged to stay at home

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The self-isolation regime for risk groups will last from 2 to 15 November. During this period, elderly people and patients with chronic diseases are required not to leave their place of residence, sick leave certificates for them will be issued remotely.

These restrictions did not apply to managers and employees of enterprises, companies and authorities, whose presence in the workplace is critical. Health workers are also exempted from self-isolation, according to decree Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov, published last Saturday, October 31.

Earlier in the Moscow region, the self-isolation regime was a recommendatory measure, but due to the worsening situation with the incidence of COVID-19, it had to be made mandatory. In terms of the daily increase in new cases, the region ranks third in the country – so, over the past day, 556 cases of COVID-19 were detected in the Moscow region. According to Vorobyova, “the most difficult situation on the beds is 65+.” Such patients get sick more severely and for longer, therefore it is necessary to minimize the risks of infection in these particular groups of the population.

The governor’s decree states that all persons obliged to self-isolate can receive sick leave without visiting clinics. Andrei Vorobyov stressed that the region will not resort to blocking social cards and other tough measures.

On September 28, a home regimen for people over 65 years old and with chronic diseases was announced in Moscow. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on his blog asked Elderly Muscovites not to visit crowded places “without special need” and temporarily give up personal contacts with relatives and friends who live separately. Working pensioners were advised to switch to telecommuting or take a vacation. Discount and free travel was suspended.



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