Researchers once again COVID-19 vaccine targeted by hackers

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has been attacked by hackers. Two insiders sign up Reuters that the hackers appear to be from North Korea. The company is working on a corona vaccine in collaboration with the University of Oxford. AstraZeneca is not the first pharmaceutical company hackers have tried to break into.

Multiple hacking attempts at laboratories

The hackers contacted AstraZeneca employees via LinkedIn and WhatsApp and pretended to be recruiters. They sent employees so-called vacancies. These documents contained viruses designed to allow the hackers to gain access to the target’s computer.

According to the sources, several people at AstraZeneca were approached in this way, but none of them were able to access the company’s systems. AstraZeneca declined to respond to inquiries from Reuters.

Last Monday, the pharmaceutical company announced that the latest research results show that the vaccine appears to protect 70 percent of the cases.

It is not the first time that companies and institutions working on a corona vaccine have been attacked by hackers.

Earlier in November, a Microsoft report found that pharmaceutical companies in Canada, France, India, South Korea, and the United States have been attacked by hackers.

Later it turned out that the German Biontech was also attacked. These attacks presumably came from Russia and North Korea.



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