President of France Emmanuel Macron said Thursday after the terrorist attack in Nice that France will not bend over due to the Islamist terrorist attack.

– France will not give up its values.

Macron also said it would increase the presence of soldiers in important locations in France, such as schools and places where religion is practiced, Reuters reports.

In the past, Macron has fiercely defended the French right to caricatures.

Docent of the National Defense College interviewed by Iltalehti Antti Parosen according to Macron, in his latest outputs he has moved on from the previous president Francois Hollanden to the line. Hollande said in 2015 after the terrorist attack in Bataclan, Paris, that France is at war with the terrorist organization Isis.

– It was a kind of watershed.

According to Paronen, France had previously thought of Islamist terrorism as a police matter. After the attacks, there was a desire to concentrate military forces in Syria and African countries, where France has interests in areas haunted by Islamic extremism.

At present, France has, among other things, a large operation in Mali, West Africa, which began in 2014. It has been compared to the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because there is no end in sight.

The baron would not talk about the war facing France or the civil war, but there are many elements like war, he says, both in public speeches and in actual action on both sides. In no other western country is the situation in France treated as a state of war.

Above all, jihadist terrorists feel they are at war. If France starts to wage more and more “war” against jihadists, this is exactly what jihadists want.

– For them, the war between cultures and religions and civilizations is a key part of strategic communication. If that proves to be the case, their message will receive a much different resonance than if it were confronted by police action alone or legally.

Three died in Nice

In a terrorist attack in Nice on Thursday, a knifeman killed three people. Police have arrested the suspect and transported him to the hospital alive. However, the motive of the attacker has not yet been confirmed on the basis of interrogations.

According to Reuters, the attacker was a 21-year-old Tunisian citizen.

Thursday marks the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad according to the Islamic calendar. According to Paronen, this has a symbolic meaning for the act.

– At the same time, however, it is clear that in the strictest interpretations of Islam, Wahhabism and Salafism do not celebrate the day, because celebrating people is spreading heresy.

So it is not possible to say for sure, but it is likely that the attack is linked to the earlier output of French President Macron for freedom of expression and the teacher who showed the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo in class. Samuel Patyynwho was under 18 weeks old at the age of 18 Abdullakh Anzorovin to be killed.

– As a researcher, one cannot inevitably reach that conclusion.

The President of Turkey has also joined the soup Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who set out to defend Islam strongly and said there was an “lynching campaign” for Muslims in Europe. Opposition to France has been demonstrated in some Muslim countries, and French products boycotted after Macron’s speech.

At the level of values, therefore, a sharp confrontation has been fed. According to Paronen, religious, cultural and political identity is a “tool” of confrontation.

– It could be concluded that this would be an incompatibility between freedom of expression and Islam, but it would be too cheap and easy to conclude.

According to Paronen, there are other factors, including French Middle East policy and French foreign policy in Africa.

– They affect a person’s religious, cultural and political identity, which is a key factor in the process of human radicalization.

Has Macron now escalated the situation, or can it be thought that he should not have spoken so loudly?

– Of course, such a conclusion can be reached, but then one can ask what is the alternative. The President of France would begin to whitewash this phenomenon. He has one of the largest extremist populations in Europe in his country in terms of the extremist Islamic framework, or even the largest in the world.

– If he began to avoid values ​​such as freedom of expression, equality and the brotherhood, which are read in practice in the French Constitution, for fear of extremism, it could rightly be concluded that extremism has won. That, too, is unacceptable.

What about Erdogan’s speeches?

– It is difficult to say whether the utterance can be seen as an unequivocal encouragement. On the other hand, as long as Erdogan does not strongly emphasize Turkishness and especially the strength of Muslim identity, and the identity of the defender of his proud religion, (…) it can be seen that it is one factor in the mindset of the radicalized man.

Turkey condemned the act.

More strikes expected

According to Paronen, at least new blow attempts are expected in France.

In France, the authorities have developed policies to prevent attacks, and hopefully they can be prevented.

– Every act feeds new acts and perpetrators are involved in violence, especially if the act receives a lot of international visibility.

According to Paronen, terrorist groups are carrying out attacks to inspire more to carry out the attack.

According to Supo, the jihadist underworld has also grown in Finland.

– In Finland, the issue is kept on the agenda of the security authorities, and people do not need to be afraid, but citizens are now also required to pay attention to this issue, Paronen says.