Prolonged exposure to air pollution may have contributed to 15 percent of coronavirus-related deaths, a study published today claims.

The research result was reported by AFP.

Previous studies have shown that exhaust and air pollution from factories takes two years off every person’s life expectancy.

Cardiovascular Research by German and Cypriot researchers has collected health data from the United States and China related to air pollution, coronavirus, and SARS.

The biggest impact in Asia

In East Asia, air pollutants were estimated to have contributed to 27 percent of corona deaths, according to researchers. The corresponding figure was 19 percent in Europe and 17 percent in North America.

According to the researchers, the contaminants are linked to coronavirus risk factors such as heart disease.

– If both long-term exposure to air pollution and covid-19 virus infection occur, the effect will be negative for health, especially for the heart and blood vessels, the researcher who wrote the publication Thomas Munzel notes.

Researchers believe the coronary pandemic is alleviated through a vaccine or herd immunity. They point out that there are no vaccines against poor air quality or climate change.