Jeffrey Toobin, 60, has worked for 25 years for the New Yorker magazine as a policy commentator.

Now Toobin has been shelved as he roared about masturbating in a live video conference.

– I’ve done embarrassingly stupid mistake. I thought the camera was not on. I apologized to my wife, my family, friends and co-workers, says Tob Vicefor publication.

– I didn’t think anyone in the video conference saw me.

CNN also granted free leave

The intimate moment of the journalist was not visible to all the people. It was an exercise to test the bridge to the upcoming presidential election. The video conference involved a whole host of New Yorker employees and journalists from several radio stations.

Editor-in-Chief of New Yorker David remnick wrote an email to employees on the subject.

– As you may have read in several news reports, our author Jeff Toobin has been shelved at a zoom conference due to what happened last week. We take such things very seriously and plan to investigate this thoroughly, Remnick wrote.

Toobin also works for the CNN news channel.

– Toobin has asked for leave while he is clearing up his personal affairs. We have granted him leave, the CNN statement said.